There has been a shift of power. Power is now at our fingertips – within the hands of the various , not within the hands of the few.

So, how do all of those powerful cultural and economic shifts affect you? You, as a private , became your own brand, whether you wish it or not. you’ll control your brand to your own advantage otherwise you can let your personal brand be travel by others who discuss what you’re doing. In fact, whether you select to document your life and your business or not, likelihood is that someone around you goes to document it for you. you do not need to post photos of yourself on Facebook or videos of yourself on YouTube for such photos and videos to finish up there. you do not need to post your thoughts on a specific concept or issue online, for them to finish abreast of Twitter, as those around you’re doing it for you whether you wish it or not. So, the important choice you would like to form (before someone does it for you), is to regulate your personal brand.

The good news is, if you find out how to effectively control your brand, you’ll also control your life in ways in which were never before possible.

Think about it this way: within the past, if you were somebody employee, you continue to got paid what your employer thought you were worth. Now, you’ll take your brand as somebody employee to the web , sharing your knowledge and building a following of individuals who have an interest in your ideas and therefore the projects you’re performing on . you’ll become an “internal evangelist” and an idea leader for your industry – all while working for somebody else. This buzz about you successively raises your profile and credibility, which then gives rise to the notion that not will you be an employee with limited options. you’ll now be a free agent operating no differently than the sports stars who are ready to offer their skill(s) to the very best bidder.

Sterkmerk new ‘free agent’ marketplace is already occurring in limited scope through the utilization of social media sites like LinkedIn that are dedicated to connecting people for business, also as through sites like Facebook that allow you to share text, video, audio, and even create custom apps to let people know what you are doing . to not mention, we are just within the early stages of internet platforms and tools to form those sorts of connections work to your advantage. the longer term will produce to more of what one among our clients, Chuck Boyce, calls the “Independent Executive”. This label applies to someone who takes their knowledge from previous employment and sets bent create their own destiny, lifestyle, and income on their own terms. This philosophy takes personal branding to subsequent level, because it’s not just important for the professional or the entrepreneur, but it’s now vital for workers who are happy to figure in someone else’s environment but who want to be recognized, both financially and emotionally, for his or her very real contributions.

In the past, an unhappy employee had limited choices:

o Do nothing but complain (with increasing disgruntlement) o Quit and go search for a replacement job (which has no guarantee of being any different) o Beg the boss for a change in circumstances (power, money, responsibility) without having any real say within the process

Now, within the new “Branded Economy”, you’re all allowed to play the role you would like in building your brand and building your value. If you do not take hold , you’ll risk becoming irrelevant and relegated to the position of a cog in someone else’s wheel. you’ll be at the mercy of a 3rd party whose self-interest will always outweigh your own – a bit like the players within the sitcom The Office and therefore the cartoon “Dilbert”.

Now that the sport has changed, what is going to you are doing to regulate your own destiny? As we’ve gotten known for telling our clients, we’ll now tell you the same: you’ve got the selection , to Brand or Die!

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