This is part two of the article. In part one, we looked at the critical role of data in enabling continued business operations, the ease with which data data recovery services on computers can get lost and how lost data is recovered. In this concluding part, we look at how to protect data so that it does not get lost, and can be easily recovered if it does get lost. We also take a brief look at the requirements for starting a data recovery services business.

Protecting Your Data

Data can be protected in various ways.

  • Install security software and procedures data recovery malaysia that restrict data access only to authorized persons. The security system will also keep an audit trail of who accessed a piece of data and what the person did with it
  • Install antivirus and firewall software, and maintain them up-to-date. These types of security walls can make it extremely difficult for malicious external software to reach your data
  • Backup all data in a systematic manner. A systematic approach can reduce the pain (and system downtimes) of backing up while ensuring that all data is in a recoverable backup media. It will also ensure that relevant backups can be located comparatively easily
  • Keep the data and applications with specialist third party agencies that focus on providing application and data storage services. Good providers will typically attend to data protection measures in a way that is more effective than in-house efforts

If a backup is available, lost data can be recovered through data restore programs. If the backups are maintained in remote locations, such recovery is possible even in the case of natural disasters or a serious fire incident at the main office.

A major data-related threat that is emerging is identity theft. This does not involve destruction of data. Instead, the identity thieves use various means to get sensitive data like your credit card and bank account numbers, and the passwords you use. With this information, they can drain your funds. The firewall mentioned above can help you with this issue. So can anti-spyware and data encryption. However, the major protection measure is the care you use when entering your credit card numbers etc into the computer. Enter them only into secure HTTPS Web pages that transmit the data in an encrypted form that can be decrypted only by the authorized recipient.