Scrapping is one of the quickest ways of getting rid of a car that is no longer of use to you, it is quick and easy and you have to do very little scrap my car-in tyneandwear work yourself. To scrap your car just simply pick up the phone for a quote, and as long as you agree a price with the scrap car dealer you can then simply book for them to come and remove your vehicle ready for destruction.

2. The expressions scrap motors are often used to describe cars which are long passed they’re sell-by date and have failed their MOT’s. Just because a car can no longer perform and is seen as un-reliable doesn’t mean that all the parts on the car don’t work. In this case rather than scrap the car as a whole you can make extra money by scrapping the parts that may still work separately, giving you more to spend on your new vehicle.

3. Something that a lot of people fail to consider when going to scrap their car is that some of the parts may be dangerous to the environment. A professional scrap car removal company will use environmentally friendly recycling methods and should be licensed by the environment agency so they are able to dispose of your car in the right way.

4. A lot of people have the tendency of getting very attached to their old cars so are very reluctant to get rid of them. But once you have considered the additional upkeep and expenses that are associated with older vehicles, it soon becomes clear to many people that scrapping their car is without doubt the best option.