Do you want to improve your eyelash look? If you need longer eyewear right now, then the best mascara and a good set of false eyelashes can work miracles. Nor is there a lasting solution.


Fortunately, there are several options available to help improve their appearance, if you are not satisfied with your eyelashes’ thickness and lifting.


Careprost, a medicine containing bimatoprost 0.03, is currently the only FDA-approved treatment for the improvement of your eyelashes length, thickness and darkness. A liquid solution designed to be applied directly to your upper eyelashes, Careprost Eyelash Serum is.


With the support of many science and clinical trials, if you have eyelash hypotrichosis or simply don’t feel satisfied with how your eyelashes look, this is a safe and effective option.


Careprost is not the only way to improve your cloves, however. Lash Boost, a popular wink growing Serum, like Careprost Eye Drops, Bimat Eye Drops are other products.


Although some products make realistic and accurate claims of the kind of findings they can produce, others make less evidence and contain active components which are often not supported by real knowledge.


Below, these eyelash growth serums and enhancement products are linked to a number of factors, ranging from efficiency to convenience and security, all in order to achieve the best results and value for money.




For longer, thickened and darker eyelashes, Bimatoprost is the only FDA-approved treatment. Bimatoprost 0.03 is contained in the active ingredient and supported by several studies which verify that the eyelash growth treatment has a real measured benefit.  Also, Bimat eye drops contain Bimatoprost as an active ingredient.


Does it Work?


Careprost is an authentic medication that has been tested in many clinical studies, not the case of most serums and other products sold as eyelash enhancers. Due to this, several experimental studies have been carried out confirming that:


In clinical trials, researchers found that 79% of people who used Careprost experienced better eye prominence, after 20 weeks of daily use, based on Global Eyelash Assessment (GEA).


Is it Easy to Use?


A natural medicine to be used is Careprost. A sealed package of sterile applicators comes in each bottle of Careprost. In order to apply for your medicine, simply ask for a drop of Careprost to the applicator’s brush and then apply it carefully to your upper eyelid.


Use the applicateur and the new applicator to repeat the process for the other eyelid after applying Careprost to one eyelid. Our Careprost guide also provides complete instructions step-by-step.


To help you with the application, the Careprost.


You can safely store Careprost in your medical office if you do not use Careprost. In summary, Careprost is a simple medicine to be used.


The researchers treated participants in a 2010 experimental study, using either normal saline or a solution with the active component bimatoprost in Careprost.


Bimatoprost treated eyelashes increased by 2mm on average.

Our Bimatoprost guide has results from several other studies, all of which have shown that the regular use of Careprost correlates to increased eye length and thickness. Also, In adult patients with glaucoma and high eye stress, bimat eye drops are used to reduce eye pressure. It could damage your sight, potentially leading to blindness, if the pressure in your eye is too great. It works by helping fluid to flow into the blood from within the eye.