Natural referencing, known as SEO in English for Search Engine Optimization, is a discipline aimed at placing websites in the best positions on search engines via keywords. We could more commonly speak of positioning.

Why work on natural referencing SEO?

Your website, whether personal or professional, is a showcase describing your activities and aiming to inform Internet users about your profession and your work. Clearly, it must be visible to the greatest number. Three quarters of internet searches are done via search engines (the most used being Google). The more your site will have an SEO optimized natural referencing, the more visitors (and by the same token, customers) you will have. Natural referencing makes it possible to reduce the costs of paid referencing (via Google Adwords campaigns for example). SEO requires precise know-how. A prior audit is often advised (or even recommended) before launching a referencing service. Once the basic techniques are in place, it is essential to monitor the positioning of keywords, their return on investment and not lose sight of the natural referencing SEO strategies of competitors. SEO can indeed only be worked in conjunction with competitors.

Entrust natural referencing to professionals


Our SEO agency for small business is available to companies and more specifically their web strategy to offer them effective and recognized natural referencing. SEO Agency a proven specialist in the field, offers its clients SEO services in order to make their site an essential place on the web.

The company undertakes to make you appear in the first results on search engines, according to keywords defined in advance. A team of referencing technicians sets up with your company a concrete and complete plan so that the referencing of your site is the best. From audit to follow-up, professionals follow you every step of the way. They define a list of keywords in line with your business.

Keywords must be relevant and characteristic in order to generate traffic. They analyze the current positioning of your keywords and those of your competitors and set up a goal to achieve taking into account the time and money constraint. SEO Calling offers you a return on investment audit of a SEO strategy. Once the action plan has been validated, works to make you popular and visible. The agency takes care of your netlinking (setting up links via directories and press releases in particular). Tracking is the last part of SEO work, but not the least. SEOCalling takes stock of your results and lets you know in order to further optimize your positions.

SEOCalling is proven effectiveness in natural referencing. Calling on the skills of the SEO agency for your site is wanting to gain both positioning and notoriety over competitors.

SEO Calling working method guaranteeing the transparency of tasks and results

The SEOCalling agency wants to be very serious in its work, by offering a quality and fully monitored natural referencing service. The client benefits from a complete positioning audit from which a strategy is proposed and then applied by specialists. Each specialist has his own skills, and works on a particular stage of the strategy. The sectorization of the work thus guarantees better attention, for an optimal quality of rendering. The agency also stands out in the monitoring of the service. Indeed, in addition to its skills to optimize the referencing of a website, justifies total transparency in the performance of its tasks by establishing monthly reports given to the client.

Concretely, how does the SEO agency ”SEOCalling” go about it?

SEO agency distinguishes three main stages in its approach. The first step is to carry out a series of audits of the client’s website. The first step is to choose the right keywords. Then, the positioning audit must make it possible to answer questions concerning the current position of the customer’s site in search engines and that of its competitors, to know in what measures to improve SEO. The ROI audit provides transparency on the rendering, by evaluating the potential return on investment. Finally, the optimization audit is the application of techniques aimed at improving positioning (strategy implemented). The second big step concerns Netlinking, the most effective part of the strategy with the optimization audit. Listing in general directories, price comparison sites and a press release campaign shine a light on the website for all to see, especially for the media, which forge a site’s popularity. Finally, the third major step concerns all monitoring work (monthly or weekly report of the work carried out on the site and on the Netlinking, monthly, weekly and daily reports of the positions on the search engines and of the traffic).

SEO Calling services UK

Keyword Analysis

After analyzing your website (thematic, target), we will issue a list of 30 to 50 words related to your site.

We will then test the difficulty of positioning ourselves on each keyword. During this phase, we will thus sort the keywords according to the criterion of profitability. This is explained by the fact that the efforts to provide compared to the gain they will bring and your budget will be profitable.

Finally, this shortlist of keywords is submitted to you for validation before we start the referencing of your site.

Website audit

Our team of professional SEO developers will analyze the code and semantic structure of your website.

She will then highlight various negative points for her SEO. Each problematic point will be detailed, we will explain what is wrong, what are the consequences, and how to fix it.

Finally, a detailed report of all the points indicated in the previous step is given to you in the following 2 weeks.


Without netlinking, SEO would not exist. This crucial step will increase the popularity of your site with Google. However, in order to anchor the link of your site on quality sites, we have an exclusive list based on the exchange with other agencies and partners.

The netlinking service is presented in 2 stages:

– We will, first of all, establish a netlinking schedule in which we will plan all the actions to be carried out during the service. This can be characterized by listing your site in 50 directories and 20 forums, etc.

– Then we will develop strategic planning in which we will define the actions to be carried out each month. That is to say that we will determine how many directories or forums we will list your directory this month and on which.

Reporting & Monitoring

You are the customer and you must be informed of every action. So every month, we send you a detailed report with all the actions carried out this month. In addition, the positioning tracking of your website on the targeted keywords. In addition, we remind you of the actions we will take next month.

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