Modern refrigerators have various operation controls. Modern electronic controls are more precise and smarter and provide the best energy performance. In some models, there are even separate operation control indicators for each shelf that help to deliver customized operation temperatures depending on the products stored on Ottawa appliance repair them. But simple mechanical thermostats are used in a lot in low-cost appliances. They do their work too. Affordable prices and low repair costs are their advantages. Even in the most compact fridges, there can be various temperature zones. For example, in a No-Frost two-chamber fridge with a bottom freezer, the coolest zone of the main chamber is usually on the top, where cold air exit vents are placed. So, you can keep dairy products and fresh meat in the zero-temperature drawer closest to these appliance repair vents.

Almost every type of fridge has middle shelves for prepared dishes that require staying cool or packaged food. The lowest shelves are for beverages and (often separated) for vegetables and fruits.

In the freezer, the temperature is always much lower than in the main chamber. It is important not to pack your freezer too tightly as it can affect the temperature and may not freeze properly. To get the food to freeze well, you must provide cold air circulation. It is a good idea to wrap the food up and chill it in the refrigerator before freezing it is a good idea. 

Freezer’s temperature

What about the temperature in the freezer? In a freezer, you should have lower temperatures (the perfect level is 0 F/-18 °C). The approved temperature from the FDA is between 17 to -23 degrees. When you want to store frozen meat, you can keep it for up to 6 months in a freezer at -23 °C, yet only for a couple of weeks if the temperature is higher. So, when you do not have to store products for months, you can select a higher temperature for your freezer to save on electricity. You can adjust your refrigerator temperature levels manually.

What is the best temperature setting in the refrigerator? 

The coldest possible temperature is the best. And how to provide this optimal temperature in the fridge? In this short article, I want to show you one of the common misunderstandings I see in my appliance repair practice in Ottawa. In short, there are two temperature regulators in refrigerators. Usually, they are “freezer” and “refrigerator.” Whether you have an electronic digital control or a mechanical one, you must understand that in most models, when you turn the “refrigerator” control, you adjust the running time of the refrigerator compressor. This is the main control of the fridge. The bigger the setting, the colder the temperature and the longer the fridge compressor will run. But which temperature will the thermostat measure: in the freezer or the fresh food compartment? Usually, in the refrigerator. We need to understand that cold air is produced in the freezer in most makes and models of refrigerators. A fan blows over the evaporator and distributes the cold air to the freezer and the refrigerator.