I’m sure there are a million reasons why people drive without insurance in the state of Florida. Today we’re going to highlight 3 reasons we believe are the cause of people driving uninsured in the state of Florida. We will also cover ways our team here at Trial Pro is working to make sure our clients and their families have all the information they need to not be one of the thousands of people who drive uninsured in the state of Florida.  The 3 reasons we believe that there are so many uninsured drivers in Florida are the cost of insurance, not properly understanding coverages and their cost and thinking the consequences won’t be significant for not carrying insurance.  Trial Pro, P.A.

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First and foremost, we believe the biggest reason there are so many uninsured drivers in Florida is because of the cost of insurance.  I’m sure we all have heard the stories of the crazy drivers in Florida that get into accidents and seriously injure someone and have no insurance.  What we have found is that often times people who do not have insurance coverage assume the cost of insurance is unaffordable or too high.  In some instances, they are right but we at Trial Pro have found a few effective ways to shop for affordable insurance that fits the needs of almost everyone without making it impossible to pay the rest of your bills.  We’re here to tell you that is completely possible and we’re here to show you how. 

Our first recommendation is to set a budget and begin shopping around for insurance.  One thing you will discover in this process is just how many insurance companies are out there.  Now we understand that deciding on one of those insurances can be tricky.  You may ask how do you pick one and how do you know that you have chosen the right one?  Our best advice is research.  Understand that every single insurance company will essentially offer the same types of coverages, but they will all range in price.  Often times we find drivers will get one or two quotes and go with the lowest one.  In these instances, we find drivers still complaining about the high price for the insurance.  It’s much better to gather multiple quotes from all different types of insurances and then weigh your options.  This way you know that you are finding a wide range of prices and you can tailor one to fit accordingly into your budget.  We think and are almost certain you will find that insurance doesn’t have to be as expensive as everyone makes it out to seem, in fact it can and should be affordable and manageable.

Moving onto our next reason and the biggest one we believe contributes to so many uninsured drivers in Florida, drivers not properly understanding the coverages there are purchasing and the cost of said coverages.  In the state of Florida, the coverages the state requires are property damage liability coverage and personal injury protection coverage.  Though these coverages are important it’s important to know about all of our options for other coverages that are useful and understand how and why those coverages cause prices to range.  Property damage liability coverage covers the damage done to the property of the other person involved in a collision.  What some insurances don’t explain is that in order for your vehicle to be repaired or deemed a total loss through your own insurance carrier, you need to carry collision on your policy.  Collision coverage ranges from a couple thousand dollars to a couple hundred thousand dollars it is completely dependent on how much the driver wants to purchase.  Collision coverage allows for your vehicle to be repaired by your insurance, no matter who is at fault for the accident.  In other words, it is in place to cover YOU no matter what. This is important because at the end of the day accidents are mistakes and those mistakes can sometimes be made by you. If you elect to not carry this coverage and are deemed at fault for an accident you can end up without a car or without any means to repair your vehicle which we’re certain is not a situation anyone wants to end up in.

The last type of coverage that we think is probably the most important to carry especially in the state of Florida is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can only be purchased if you carry bodily injury liability coverage on your policy.  Since bodily injury liability coverage is not a required coverage in the state of Florida not all drivers have to carry it.  But our experts at Trial Pro have seen firsthand what not carrying bodily injury liability and uninsured motorist coverage can do to a driver that has been significantly injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.  The catch on these two coverages is almost the same as collision and property damage.  Bodily injury liability coverage covers the other person involved in an accident when you are deemed “at fault” for the collision.  In the event that its not your fault you would then need the other driver involved to carry bodily injury liability coverage.  If they do not and you carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, then you’re all set.  This coverage can still compensate you for pain and suffering as well as injuries suffered at the time of a collision.  Yet another coverage that protects YOU!

The last reason we believe there are so many drivers in Florida that are driving uninsured is because they are unaware or don’t realize the seriousness of the repercussions of driving without insurance.  In the state of Florida, you can face many legal fees and fines for driving without insurance.  Depending on the situation you could lose your driving privileges as well as the registration and tags to your vehicle.  In more extreme circumstances you could even serve jail time for driving with no insurance.  The fact of the matter is driving without insurance in Florida is against the law and is counter productive in ensuring you are protected if you’re involved in an accident.  Our advice? Shop around, do your research and or contact our team at Trial Pro and one of our helpful , friendly staff members would be happy to help you understand a little more about the world of insurance!