To answer the question What is Hahalolo MXH? First of all, let’s learn about this social network Hahalolo. Hahalolo is a travel social network, where people with the same passion to “travel” gather together. Like many other social ẻgetewrnetworking sites, Hahalolo first creates an environment of connection and interaction. Users can text, call, comment, drop interactive haha in each other’s posts. From there, build good relationships, maybe even create community sites to connect people with similar interests.


After connecting people, Hahalolo is also an environment that combines online travel (OTA) and e-commerce. What users need before traveling, just go to Hahalolo will have it. Hahalolo allows users to book tours, hotels, air tickets, travel items. In addition, Hahalolo also has a repository of travel experiences at all locations in the country and the world to support the research, selection of places and necessary experiences for users.