When buying or selling your home, you need a realtor to make the process less stressful and less time-consuming. Selling and buying homes is such Real Estate Agents in Dubai an important step that requires the best professionals for the transition. Nevertheless, according to research, many buyers and sellers spend less than an hour when hiring a real estate agent. This is often because they do not cover most of the important questions during the interview or they do not conduct an interview at all. Here are some vital questions you should not fail to ask:

Is this your full-time job?

It is vital to hire an agent who works full-time, because Real Estate Brokers in Dubai he or she is likely to be most updated on the law and market. Ask how many clients the agent has handled the past year.

What is your fee?

Of course, before you sign the deal you want to know how much the agent is charging you for his or her services. Normally, the agent will charge 3% of your sale price but it may be higher depending on the services.

What goes wrong when a client complains about you?

An honest agent will be able to tell you what the problem was if other clients have complained about him or her. You will then be able to know whether he or she is a good fit for you or not. You can also ask whether there has been any lawsuit against the agent. You can confirm this with the licensing board of your state.

What other services do you offer?

Apart from the escrow and negotiation, you should ask the agent other services that he or she may be offering so that you know exactly what you are paying for before signing the contract. Paperwork, contingencies and negotiations are the minimum.

They will look at the problem and set the correct rent. In some cases, you may be compensated up to a year’s rent if the landlord was in breach of contract. 

It is vital as a tenant to stay updated on current market prices. It helps you predict rental increases and protects you from a rogue landlord. Ensure you use the Real Estate Brokers in Dubai for the most accurate numbers.