Linear calibration transducers are strong, compressed SVLC sensors used in applications varying from metrology to heavy industry. These high-repeatability transducers can be based in any direction. Its salient features are – Ranges: 0-5mm to 0-50mm, linearity: greater than ±0.01% of range, low temperature coefficient and high tolerance to radiation and Advanced Spectral Technology magnetic fields.Another major type of measuring transducer is the angular type. It incorporates SVLC technology and present high accuracy and environmental acceptance. Flawless bearings guarantee repeatabilities that exceed 1 arc second. Its salient features are- Ranges: 20° and 60°, linearity: more than ±0.01% of range, and strong construction with minimal rotor inertia.Non-contact measurement transducers have fixed parts and are typically suited for applications involving long life; environmental acceptance and very high repeatabilities are basic necessities. Its salient features include: 5 ranges from 0-1mm to 0-25mm, and high resolution with unique Metrology Solutions repeatability. It is very compact in design and usable up to 200°C at a stretch.A Signal Conditioner is intended for application in ASL\’s variety of linear and angular transducers. Single- or dual-channel versions are available in two performance grades. Its important characteristics are: Linearity: ±0.01 or ±0.001% of full scale, high resolution / low noise, low temperature coefficient, and a 4-20mA current output option.