While none of us could have predicted there would be a global pandemic in early 2020, experiencing one has allowed app industry leaders to account for adaptable tech in the coming years.

The mobile application development industry is growing every day. Technology advancements and consumer. If you want to be successful in this space or are looking to build your own startup you must keep up with the latest app trends.

For someone to have their finger on the pulse of mobile applications you must research patterns, communicate with tech leaders, and find tips for app development that will transform the future. It is safe to say that mobile app trends are far beyond a person’s opinion or an influential blogger’s hunch. Check out some of the trends that will dominate the year to com 1.5G

5G is expected to be able to connect over a million users in one square meter. Industry experts are proposing that everything from smartphones, to refrigerators and security cameras be connected.

This goes beyond videos taking an instant to load, and video calls being smoother than ever. With these health devices can monitor your body in real time and send out an alert to the nearest healthcare center in case of an emergenc

2. Apps Designed for Specific Devices

While no one is excited about a flip phone, though it does make us nostalgic people have raved about the release of foldable smartphones in the market. App developers will have to consider these devices when optimizing their applications for mobile.

Another device that developers need to watch out for are wearable devices. Ever since the launch of Fitbit wearable devices have been on the rise. While Apple, Samsung, and Garmin are leading players it does not mean the market wont get more even competitive soon.

Wearable tech is becoming more and more fashionable with each aesthetic update and people who may not see themselves donning these are switching fast

3. Apps for the Integration of IoT

Everyone has been buzzing about the Internet of Things for quite some time. But it is now that we shall see it thrive at the fastest pace yet.

IoT refers to an increasing number of devices being connected to the internet. Smart home devices are the perfect example. They offer seamless control and convenience to the consumer. It is predicted that apps that for example control the appliances in your house are going to be in vogue.

It is estimated that by 2021 the global market for Internet of Things will cross 200 billion. Some of the industries to keep an eye on are household appliances, healthcare, and automobiles

4. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has transmitters relaying data to smart devices in order to boost the performance of marketing based on location. Beacons are able to search the users who may have searched for your product and what action they took.

Beacon technology is expected to be integrated with apps to streamline marketing campaigns.

5. The Rise in Cloud-Based Tech

Though cloud technology has been around for a while, it took a decade for most to embrace it. As it is slowly making its way to more homes and offices it will come as no surprise if more applications were integrated with cloud services to enhance experiences and make the app more efficient.

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