Tools To Help Maximize Your Blog Post

In today’s digital-first world, it is more important than ever for small businesses to develop a strong website presence so that they can connect with their customers in the moments that matter most to them. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a well-optimized blog. 

A blog that provides relevant content to its target audience helps to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. Don’t believe us here are a few quick stats highlighting the importance of a blog.

  • Companies that maintain a blog produce 67% more leads per month on average than their competitors. (Semrush)

  • 57% of marketers say they have gained customers specifically from blogging (OptinMonster)

  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail) only have a 1.7% close rate (OptinMonster)

  • Companies that invest in their blog are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI than marketers who do not. (Fundera)

So the question becomes how do you make your blog worthwhile for the average reader? Here are some tools to help maximize your blog post so that you can rank higher, drive more traffic to your website, and hopefully increase your conversion rate.

Free Tools To Help Maximize Your Blog Post

5 Keyword Research Tools For Inspiration

WordStream – Discover new keywords and performance data that can help you determine keywords and search phrases to embed in your website using the WordStream Keyword Tool. A completely free tool to use that helps you to find new keywords, prioritize their authority, and improve your SEO strategy.

Ubersuggest – A free tool that allows you to gain insight into the strategies that are working for your competitors so that you can adopt them, improve upon them, and gain an advantage over your competitors. Ubersuggest

Moz Keyword Tool – With the Moz keyword tool you can identify which keywords your website can rank for right now and find high-impact keywords and search phrases to embed in your website. 

Keywords Everywhere – A free browser add-on extension, Keywords Everywhere helps you find the monthly search volume, CPC and competition data for search terms and keywords. 

Google Keyword Planner – The crown jewel of SEO research, the Google Keyword Planner provides you with invaluable insights into how often search words and phrases are used and how these keywords change over time. 

3 Tools To Help Craft The Perfect Blog Post Title

You found the perfect keyword to center your blog post around, now it’s time to make sure it attracts someone’s attention. Here are some free tools to help you generate the perfect blog post title.

FatJoe – Generate 100+ killer blog post titles and headlines with just one click. The FatJoe Blog Title Generator will have you moving onto the next step in your blog in a matter of seconds. 

Hubspot Blog Idea Generator – One of the most popular companies for content marketing and inbound marketing, the Hubspot Blog Idea Generator is simple to use. Just enter a keyword and search phrase and find hundreds of titles to choose from. 

SEOPressor – Put in your keyword and select a category to find hundreds of title options to choose from. The SEOPressor Title Generator is a great tool to use when struggling with a blog title. 

5 Free Websites To Find That Perfect Picture 

Stocksnap – The #1 source for beautiful AND free photos, check out stocksnap. They provide high-quality and high-resolution stock images for free. 

Unsplash – Unsplash offers beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. 

Pixabay – Choose from 2.3 million + stunning images that you can use anywhere on your website. Free for commercial use and no attribution required, pixabay is the perfect place to start. 

Pexels – Pexels is a great resource for finding free stock photos and videos that you can use for your website. 

Burst by Shopify – Known as the e-commerce giant for website development, Burst By Shopify has thousands of beautiful copyright-free images to choose from. All of their pictures are free to download for personal and commercial use. 

Free Tools for Graphic Design

Canva – If you are ready to boost the creativity and productivity of your blog you need to try Canva makes it easy to create eye-catching infographics, social media posts, and images for your blog to help it stand out from the crowd. 

Crello – Crello is a free graphic design tool that helps you create impressive content in minutes. Browse from thousands of professional templates and edit them right away to help make your content or blog stand out! 

Start Growing Your Blog Today

Use the tools above to help create a blog that stands out from the crowd. From keyword research to eye-catching content these free tools will help you enhance your blog’s performance and connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Remember by investing in blogging you are going to be 13x more likely to see a positive ROI than marketers who do not, so get to it! 

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