Stylesnbags was born in March 1981 T/a Progress Fashion in Bielsko-Biala City, Poland – and the first collection was created. Our exclusive fashion collection celebrates reaching another milestone – Stylesnbags has been going strong for 40 years! And to make the celebrations complete, new colleagues join us in Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom. The inspiration behind the brand was upon the idea that fashion should be accessible, effortless and empowering. Minimalist design in sustainable materials is at the heart of the brand.

Today we draw, design, sew and buy for her and him as well. We offer her countless options within our own stylesnbags collection, so that even if she takes her best pal online shopping, they will not come out looking at alike. And if she wants her colours and patterns all mixed up, that is even better, picking through our sweaters, knits, and skirts. And our design team is expecting to offer even greater variety in our intimates and accessories business. Since we, as a multichannel retailer of high-quality fashion items, are active in one of the most complex sectors of all, we have teams of specialists from all business areas constantly working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our processes run smoothly and to keep you happy.