The extortion request entitled “Hackers have access to your device. Check the details ASAP! ”, The subject of the email that comes to you from your own email address. If you do not pay the amount requested in BITCOIN, the fake trojan virus they say they have inserted into your computer will allow these fake hackers to publish a non-existent video of you that they say they have while you masturbate.

Be careful not to fall for the scam. The email is to be trashed.

Here’s what we can do to protect ourselves anyway:

1) Keep calm: the criminal does not have any video that portrays us in intimate attitudes, it is the proof that many of the people who receive this message do not even have a webcam. So don’t believe that they can see and access anything on your screen, turn on the camera and microphone, and do other things, without you even noticing. Also false is the fact that you have accessed the list of your contacts on social networks and on your phone or other device.


2) Obviously you do not pay any ransom: paying it would mean receiving other threats and other requests for money;


3) Change your email password if you have one that is too simple, choose a particularly complex one and make it different from the one you use to access your other profiles;


4) Enable “strong” authentication mechanisms or two-factor authentication: ensure that entering the password is associated with the entry of a security code received on your mobile phone;


5) In general, never leave your devices unattended and don’t click on suspicious links or email attachments.


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7) Visit this page HIGH SECURITY LEVEL: all the free tests you can do online to check your IT security


8) For your education we recommend the COMPUTER SELF-DEFENSE MANUAL: the “krav maga” of digital defense


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