Need to transport a car to another state? With tons of race moves, it’d make more sense to ship your belongings and fly instead of driving everything over yourself. And when that’s the case, you need to figure out how to send your car, including classic car transport logistics, and how to fit the cost into your moving budget. There are other reasons you might need to transport a vehicle too, aside from just moving. For instance, if you’re selling your car, displaying it during a show, or want to bring it on vacation with you. Either way, we’ll re-evaluate everything that you simply got to know so as to successfully transport a car from state to state, with a couple of helpful hints for creating sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Finding the Right Auto Shipping Company: Depending on where you are living, you may have dozens and dozens of car shipping companies to choose from, or you may only have a handful. If you live in a major metropolitan enclosed car transport hub, especially a city that transports a lot of cars such as Miami or California, you will have your choice of many shipping companies, with some of them being great and some of them not-so-great. If you live in a place that is far from any significant interstate, you will have fewer choices to choose from to transport a car to another state. The first thing on your to-do list if you’re looking to transport a vehicle to another country is to find a reputable auto shipping company. Use our free online auto transport company directory to simply search companies in your area and receive quotes for your move. Calculating what proportion Car Shipping Costs from One State to a different your car. Sadly, there’s no Kelly Blue Book equivalent for car shipping which will offer you a perfect price range to draw a bead on when searching the way to ship your car from one state to another. If you have someone you know that sent a vehicle to another state, consider asking them which shipping company they used and how that experience went for them. Beyond that, you’re going to have to do additional research and outreach. As you’re reading up on how to ship your car to another state and vetting potential companies, research each company’s prices by clicking, calling, or visiting brick-and-mortar locations to see just how much it would cost you to ship a car. Today’s top car shipping companies offer online quote calculators to help potential customers, just like you get fast and accurate quotes in seconds. A vehicle being transported on a truck. Schedule Your Auto Shipment Early: It takes a long time to transport a car to another state. Sometimes it can take days, while other times, it can take several weeks. As you make reservations for car shipping, plan out your auto transportation with ample leeway so that you know your car will get there when you need it to. If you are green to scheduling an auto-shipment, there are a couple of things you should know before you plan your auto shipment. Just because the route that your car is taking appears to be a relatively straight and smooth shot does not mean that the way that your 18-wheeler will make to transport your vehicle will be straight and flat. Transporting vehicles cross-country is a sizeable logistical puzzle, sometimes involving as many as 12 cars where a transport trailer can zigzag all over the place, picking cars up, dropping vehicles off, and running into slow conditions within the process. With this in mind, it’s imperative to plan appropriately.