When it comes to web design, it’s continually changing. And at Highpoint Media, a web design company based in Chorley, Lancashire, we are always keeping on top of current trends.

So, here are the top five web design trends of 2021.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) to create immersive experiences

We’re all very aware of augmented reality in our everyday applications. More often, we’re seeing eCommerce and retail sites using AR technology in their applications to assist consumers and help sell products. Adding a sense of empowerment with the buying customer.

From hunting Pokemon at the local park to finding the perfect sofa through IKEA Place App. Augmented reality has been integrated into our lives. It’s already improving the way users experience the online world through PC and mobile apps.

New technologies like AR have increased sales by keeping people on websites longer. As well as making it easier to make the buying decision.

Further developments scrolling (parallax and horizontal)

Parallax and horizontal are the top scrolling effects used in the 2021 web design.

These designs have been the most popular since the start of the year. Scroll effects have been an iconic web design for years, and in 2021, nothing has changed. The ongoing parallax trend hasn’t faltered in 2021. The subtle movements encourage minimal scrolling with more effect.

Originally considered a faux pas of web design, horizontal scrolling has come back in for 2021. Horizontal scroll is being used as a smarter way to display certain information online, such as image galleries.

By including a clear visual cue, more relevant imagery and text can be shown that doesn’t distract from the main message.

Retro fonts

Over the years, many out-of-date trends have come back into fashion.

Some designs and fonts have aged well and others, not so much. However, in recent years, vintage fonts have made a comeback in design. For example, sites like Spotify, Vinted, something else all use retro stylistic fonts that are on brand and simplistic.

By taking a font and giving it a modern spin, it breathes more life into your website design.

Asymmetric layout

There has been a development in asymmetric layouts in recent years, including parallax and horizontal themes. One of the major trends of 2021 our websites with dark design and asymmetry.

The asymmetric model brings more creative freedom to a website and they’re less constrictive when producing and adding content.

That isn’t to say it’s the end of the grid. However, designers seem to be opting for a visual style that organically appeals to the eye.

Custom cursors

An overlooked but important aspect of a website is the cursor. It is important to say, nothing would have been done with it. By taking something that seems insignificant and making it relevant is a big achievement.

Great examples of this are The Pen Tool, going a step further with animation, MTV Bump, and MCM using animated imagery as a personified custom cursor without distracting from the main image.

In 2021, we’re looking to see more original takes on cursor designs.


It’s great to see how web design continues to change.

What web design trends will you be using in your website this year?