A few days ago as I sat watching “A River Runs Through It” for about the one thousandth  time, I couldn’t help but wonder, why would anybody ever want to fish for trout anywhere  other than the Blackfoot River? Being from Missoula, every time I watch this movie I ask  myself this same question. It’s easy to do after one listens to the effortless, beautiful and  near perfect way that fishing the Blackfoot is described by Norman Maclean. Check out our fishing reports for the Missoula rivers to see what they’re looking like right now.

That being said, I’ll get back to my actual point. For those of you who have never seen this  film, you should as soon as possible, because it tells the story of life in Missoula in the early 20th century and the rivers that made that life so special. It is clear after listening to how it is  described that the “Big Blackfoot” meant a great deal to the Maclean family, who is of course,  the inspiration for the film. 

It is more than just a great place to cast a fly rod, it was a spiritual place for them. With this  in mind, I then started to think more deeply about this topic. As amazing as the fishing on the  Blackfoot can be, what do I think is my absolute favorite river to fish? After a lengthy debate  with myself, I decided it has to be the mighty Missouri

Deep down, we are all going to be partial to a certain river here or there, because we learned  to fish there, lived near it, etc. My love of the Missouri is a result of many different reasons,  too many to count really. I did learn to fish there though, but it seems so long ago that I  really can’t remember the first fish I caught on a fly rod. That being said, I definitely  remember the first big brown I watched eat my hopper pattern, and that happened when I  was still spending most of my time playing with ninja turtle action figures.

I also remember when that big brown trout finally made it to the net, and I got to celebrate it  with my parents and my two brothers. Memories like that are why those of us who fly fish will  never stop casting little fake bugs to trout until the day we take our last breath. Needless to  say, that fish eating that hopper will forever be one of my absolute favorite moments in my  life. 

Like I said, my passion for fishing the Missouri is the product of many years of incredible  moments, but it’s also because of how insanely good the fishing on that river is. Some of you  are probably thinking to yourselves right now, “Aren’t most good fishing memories usually the  the product of good fishing?” A lot of the time yes, but not always. The Missouri is incredible  because it just is. It’s only flaw is that it can get crowded during peak season, but usually one  forgets about that pretty quickly after experiencing a prolific caddis hatch on a warm July  evening. 

Aside from that, here are a few more reasons it has to be on your bucket list if you have never  had the chance to fish it. The dry fly fishing is arguably the greatest and most consistent on  planet earth, there are now 7,000 fish per mile, Joe’s bar never fails you…ever, the fish are  almost always either big or HUGE, the fish fight as hard or harder than a small bonefish, you  can drag nymphs off the back of a drift boat and hook fish without even looking at your  indicator, the brown trout population is making a strong comeback, the water moves slow  enough to drink a beer and row at the same time, and last but not least, a true Missouri  monster will eat a mouse pattern. Yes, that myth is actually not a myth at all. Trust me, it’s  true.


Sure, the Bighole, Beaverhead, and the Bitterroot will always have a place on my top ten list,  but the Missouri is just simply on another level.


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