One even wonders what we could actually do with a laser pointer or a laser pen. Well in fact there are numerous trades and procedures in which it proves to be useful and essential to some extent without harming laser scoring anyone.

The basic reason that laser pointer was deemed dangerous was because of the powerful laser beam emitted from the seemingly small device. Notable cases of the laser pen beam being been pointed into someone’s eyes even caused blindness or eye damage thus leading to strict laws on the use of a laser pointer. While pointing a laser pen directly at a living being or at a person’s eye has already been deemed dangerous but pointing it at objects acts as a basic use of the laser perforation device.

A laser pen is commonly used at engineering sites or presentations at commercial or education institutes mainly to point at something in order to gain the attention of other at what you are pointing. Professional astronomers have found a laser pen to be quite useful for them as well. A laser pointer makes it easier for an astronomer to point at the sky and even for the purposes of navigation and detection, plus overall makes the astronomer seem more professional in their trade. Lab experiment often require the usage of light beams and a laser pointer seems to prove the best source to provide that light beam due to its precise and direct laser beam.

In spite of the caution it might seem hard to believe how a laser pen could be entertaining. A good proof of that would be the popularity of laser shows. Laser shows which tend to astonish and attract people with the colorful lighting procedures most commonly use laser pointers as well. Thus there are quite a lot of possible uses for laser pen and for a fact the device was quite popular for merely being used as a fun filled object and can still be if used safely. One of the common feats of a laser pointer that has known to entertain children is the long distance range of the laser beam from laser pen and also the ability of more powerful laser pens to easily burn simple material like paper or cloth.