Within the first part of this text we added the crystal skulls and gave some history. But, we didn’t talk a lot about the various theories which crystals have been speculated approximately their origins or why the crystal skulls appear to attract or maintain special frequencies of energies which have a profound effect upon any individual they come upon. In the end, to demonstrate how the crystal skulls function, i can website some personal reports in my 27 years of being round what i call the “crystal friends”. It is my hope that this text and others we will be writing will assist human beings to apprehend what a crystal skull is and why it’s miles vitally vital to the future of all of humanity. Now one vicinity i have not addressed which i suppose would help our readers (i suggest i’m constantly curious about this myself once i study a brand new problem, so i must expect so shall a number of you) is why an person would get involved with the crystal skulls which isn’t always your normal area of have a look at. No longer only concerned and involved however inclined to spend nearly half of in their life even. So let’s begin right here. Imagine it’s miles april of 1983 and you’re simplest 28 years antique. At this point of your life you’re going on a spiritual journey of self discovery and journeying on religion. You haven’t any concept in which you’re going, how lengthy you’ll stay and what is going to be coming up for you in the near destiny but you believe that is the right direction which will stay. Then you definitely discover your self visiting a metaphysical bookshop in san jose, california, just throughout from the rosicrucian park. You’re there to see the proprietor, francoise, who is a great pal (probable changed into even your mom in a beyond existence) and additionally coincidentally one among her sons had the precise equal birthday as your self. Francoise shares a photograph of a super artifact – a quartz skull, product of amethyst – about the scale of a young person’s skull. As you are viewing this image, you understand this object within yourself – however why, how and from whilst, you have no clue. Subsequent, you sense an inner earthquake internal of you at the same time as viewing the photograph – your frame is vibrating wildly inside (not out of doors) – once more what’s inflicting this? Then perhaps simply 15 or 20 mins later, the table that the photograph is lying upon begins shaking violently as properly. As there has been a real earthquake within the vicinity simply south of san jose. Coincidence? A sign? Your desinty? Anyway, somehow this sequence of (pre-ordained?) occasions triggers an inner understanding that the crystal skulls are very very crucial for the destiny of humanity and now not best ought to you notice this particular skull in person (that you do some days later and honestly experience its energy and its aliveness) but you need to seek out the others, via what ever method you could and percentage the first-class statistics you are able to acquire. Who would ask for a task like this? Who would conform to a activity like this (the pay isn’t usually the great) however this is exactly what took place to me and has been a lifestyles’s paintings on account that then. Of path, today as we cited earlier than, we have many modern carvers the use of predominately diamond tipped tools making crystal skulls now not simplest of quartz crystal (that is a cloth of a honest excessive hardness and not easy to carve) however additionally of many other types of gemstones. So crystal skulls are turning up anywhere. But the older skulls, some of which we mentioned in part i of this article aren’t so available. However still just in mexico on my own, over a hundred (inclusive of several hollow skulls) are literally simply popping out of the ground all over the united states within latest years, so the unveiling publicly of those hidden skulls has all started. Almost like a person turned on a switch for the reason that middle part of the 1990’s and now its literally flooding with new skulls popping out almost each day. Speakme of mexico, i had an possibility to visit there two times in 2009. The first time i met maestro rosales, who’s a famous muralist. He has a first-rate love for mesa american artifacts (mayans, aztecs, toltec) but not only to accumulate but to guard them. When you consider that he’s so nicely cherished in mexico, the authorities permits him to maintain those artifacts (which he wants to create a museum for) as long as he would not take them in another country. And of path at some stage in my visit i noticed five crystal skulls he had, 3 have been the hole kind and one was a large (human-sized) clean quartz skull, all located inside the ground. Additionally at some point of this visit in march, i met the well-known journalist jaime maussan, who’s known for his reports of alien ship sports in mexico however senior maussan had his own crystal cranium (discovered once they have been digging to open up a basis of a constructing) a bigger then human-size rose call skull which he called “rosie”. Additionally senior maussan did an interview with me for his show. The second one go to to mexico (mexico city) become for a crystal cranium conference supplied with the aid of a pal wherein i had a chance to talk. And once more, the contributors of the conference introduced crystal skulls – a few first rate crystal skulls that we had never seen earlier than, humans had been buying at shops or having household passing them down. Some of those skulls have been intricately carved and made, with symbols carved into the stone and others have been primitive or hollow.