Modern Medicine and Ayurveda in India India has been acknowledged as the pharmacy of the world and an advocate of modern medicine. However, there is a definite lack of awareness about Ayurveda amongst the Indian population, especially the younger generation. Despite growing Governmental support, the system has been facing challenges in disseminating the knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and its modalities. Today, the norm in India is that people seek doctors who have an MBBS, MD degrees over ayurvedic doctors with a BAMS, MD degrees. Since India is a fast-growing country with booming industries and overflowing working-class population, the restless need to achieve quicker results makes them choose modern over Ayurvedic medicine. The field of Ayurveda needs to take cognizance of educating the society on what is possible through Ayurvedic medicines along with highlighting its benefits. Ayurveda and Allopathy have always had a challenging relationship. People have been influenced by modern medicine as they believe it to be scientific, faster in action, showing quicker relief from symptoms, easily available and above all endorsed by the media. Many label Ayurveda as a pseudoscience because of their limited exposure and lack of understanding about its basic principles. Treating a disease or any […] read more