Once your car has ceased to be worth of the road and is deemed utterly useless, the question arises, ‘What next’? If the old car is not worth spending more money upon it, it is better that you get rid of it as scrap car. But, disposing of this old lump of metal is not as easy as it appears. Firstly, to get rid of your scrap car, you must ensure that the disposal is done in an environmental-friendly way and you must have the proper knack of doing SCRAP MY CAR so.

It is better to call in scrap car merchants who specialize in such things and have the knowledge, skills and resources to destroy and handle scrap cars. They have the requisite resources to dispose of it in a way that it does not harm the environment and they de-contaminate it and recycle it for scrap metal. There are many scrap car agents out there since it is a profitable business. Scrap car dealers make a killing by selling the still usable parts of the vehicle to those wanting secondhand replacement car parts at cheap rates or/and by selling the leftover metal parts of the SELL MY SCRAP CAR.

Since the value of the scrap metal is rising, its prices are also appreciating and scrap car metal has become a very profitable business for many. But, not all of scrap car agents will be scrupulous and they will not hesitate to give you below-the- norm prices for your old car. You have to find a scrap car dealer who is reputable and will give you the correct price.

While looking for honest, good scrap car merchants, you should first ascertain whether their company is well-established and experienced. If they are based in your local area, it is even better as it is easier to get a check done on them. It is very important that whichever scrap car dealer you choose is licensed by the Environment Agency.

This license is the proof that the dealer’s company is working within the framework of law regarding the transportation and haulage of scrap vehicles and scrap metal. The dealer also has to be willing to fill in the company details in the V5 logbook upon collection of your scrap car. This slip and information is required to show the DVLA that you are no longer responsible for that particular vehicle. Upon destruction of your old car and once the DVLA has been informed of it, you should be getting a letter of confirmation from the DVLA which is normally within a few weeks.

All professional scrap car agents will insist on transporting the scrap car by a recovery truck and will not risk driving or towing such a car away. You must also insist upon prior payment in case of cash offers before you let the car be taken away.

The crux of the matter is that the scrap car dealers should have valid licenses to handle such cars and to dispose of them in a way which is within the parameters of law.