On the off chance that you’re pondering a water-based experience get-away in Cuba, you’re in good company! Diving Zanzibar 

As Cuba lies on a huge coral reef, it’s one of the most incredible spots to attempt scuba jumping! The archipelago draws large number of scuba jumpers consistently, and is notable for gentle tides and no solid flows.

What’s more, since Cuba partakes in a warm yearly temperature over 73 Fahrenheit, it makes the waters around the island ideal for surface swimmers, yet in addition for challenge-situated scuba jumpers!

Here is our Best 5 rundown of scuba plunging areas in Cuba:

Cayo Levisa – Near Havana, you’ll track down this lovely seaward key on Cuba’s northwest shore. Beneath the surface you’ll track down old wrecks, shocking coral, and exotic fish. Perceivability is generally excellent at around 30 meters.

Playa Giron – This is one of the most incredible spots to plunge for novices and specialists. It’s around 2 hours from Varadero and offers magnificent rack jumping and profound cavern outings. All plunge areas are exceptionally near the shore, making it an extraordinary spot for fledgling jumpers.

Cayo Largo – This obstruction reef is 2 miles seaward and is safeguarded well from the difficult situations encompassing it. Additionally the water temperature will in general be hotter here than elsewhere in Cuba. To arrive at Cayo Largo you’ll have to book a short trip out from Havana – yet it’s certainly worth the work!

Cienfuegos – There are more than 28 jump destinations situated nearby. The waters around here are completely clear, and contain probably the most terrific coral arrangements in Cuba. Look at the Faro de Luna Plunging Center – it’s the spot to jump with wrecks and wonderful coral arrangements.

Maria la Gorda – As a world biosphere protect, situated inside the Guanahacabibes Promontory, there are superb jump zones with dark coral walls and eighteenth century wrecks. There are practically no flows to stress over, and the drive just requires around 4 hours from Havana.

There are in excess of 500 jump destinations in Cuba, and the submerged landscape is stupendous. What’s more, with globally perceived jump courses accessible all through the Island – it’s no big surprise that jumpers from everywhere the world show up here every year.