Palm Springs is no longer a place just for retirees. There are amazing dining, recreation and luxury hotels and resorts to cater to a new type of visitor. One who is intrigued by Palm Spring’s Old Hollywood past and enchanted by the city’s future.

Although it has the reputation of being a somewhat sleepy little place since the legendary stars of yore moved on to the silver screen in the sky, that fact is no longer true. Hollywood royalty is still attracted to the area, possibly even more now than before.

This is because Palm Springs has invested in creating attractions for everyone. It’s hot springs are a big hit with the natives and tourists alike and the outdoors are a siren song for many people. Yet, very few people know of all the amazing attractions that call Palm Springs home.

Now, discover a few of our favorite little hideaways in tucked in the midst of all the sun and fun. What good is nature if you can’t witness it firsthand? Palm Springs has the same idea and installed an Aerial Tramway that takes riders on a 10 minute journey over Chino Canyon.

Those who prefer to stay on land should elect to venture out and see nature from the ground. Palm Springs offers plenty of stunning vistas for hikers of all ages to take in. There are even more hiking trails to discover if one ventures outside of the city limits. The trails offer the best of flora and fauna and the views are unmatched.

People who would much rather stroll the streets in search of fashion are in luck as well. Palm Springs boasts some of the area’s best shopping. There are designer boutiques nestled between mainstream stores as well. There are stores for everyone on El Paseo and, so visitors should guard their wallets carefully.

Many people don’t know that they don’t need to go to Las Vegas to enjoy a great show. During the months of November through to May, the town plays host to the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. These ladies are from the eras when Palm Springs was at its most magical. Their ages range from 54 well into the 80s.

However, if the audience thinks that they are going to see geriatric women slowly moving about the stage, then they’re sorely wrong. The ladies wear fabulous costumes and have bodies and high kicks which rival women an eight of their ages. Their show is a must-see and visitors and locals jump at the chance to watch them.

Tourists that become weary from all of the hiking, dancing and canyon-side vistas should opt to relax at one of the area’s many hot springs. Some places have multiple hot mineral pools dedicated to their guests’ love of hot springs.

The curative effects of hot springs match the amazing feelings of the towns spas. Spas are where the hotels and resorts really shine. There is nothing more relaxing than indulging in a day at the spa and Palm Springs has spas to rival some of the world’s best relaxation.

Speaking of relaxation, Palm Springs has been called “the golf capital of the world” and lives up to its name. It is home to dozens of impeccably manicured golf courses and tournaments. The area has attracted professional and amateur golfers to its links for years and more and more golfers are coming to the town to tee off each year.

Palm Springs is enjoying a boom. Tourists are returning to the area in droves and the city has provided some wonderful attractions and spas to keep visitors coming back year after year. Their vacation packages are selling out by the palm springs personal injury lawyer