New Zealand is a country of islands, as it comprises of its two major landmasses, which are northern island and southern island. Te Ika a Maui and Te Wai Pounamu are the names of these two islands in Maori. New Zealand is very rich in bio-diversity; therefore we can find different types of animal species here. It also consists of some major animals and bird species which are in the endangered species list. However, the government of New Zealand is very serious to protect these endangered species of the country. Tourists often visit this country to enjoy the greenery and bio-diversity. The people who love nature and peaceful environment may find this country as the best place to spend their vacation. New Zealand is the world’s most safe and secure country. The crime rate in this country is very low and controlled due to strict laws and regulations and therefore the tourists who visit this country find themselves very safe and secure. They also do not have to worry about the safety of women and children. The food in New Zealand is based on the old eating habits of North and South America. However, these countries do not follow the same food habits and thus we will find some blend in the cuisines that we can see in New Zealand as well. People in New Zealand are mostly non-vegetarian and they prefer to have less spicy food. Some part of the population also likes to have spicy food. They like to cook their food preferably in oil. The food habits followed in New Zealand are very efficient in maintaining good health. New Zealand has number of places and activities that attract the tourists to spend their vacation here. For example: museums and art galleries, mountain biking and cycling, scenic flights,  nature and eco-tourism, sightseeing, skiing and snowboarding, surfing and water sports, theme and leisure parks, wildlife parks, aquariums and zoos. Tourists often find themselves comfortable to communicate in New Zealand as its native language is English. The tourists here also find the cuisines and the food patterns very enjoying and appetizing and they can choose from the varieties of dishes. The infrastructure of New Zealand is also highly developed as the economy of New Zealand is very developed. This country is also visited by several tourists due to various sports and games. This country participates in several games in the world level championships. The players are very popular. They become a sign of attraction for the people who are their fans. These fans wish to visit New Zealand to watch their favorite players playing the games.The most famous hotels in New Zealand are Auckland Hotel, Gisborne Hotel, Hamilton Hotel, Napier Hotel, New Plymouth Hotel, Rotorua Hotel and Wellington Hotel. These hotels are situated in the northern region of New Zealand. The southern region of New Zealand consists of the most famous hotels which are Blenheim Hotel, Christchurch Hotel, Dunedin Hotel and Gore Hotel. These hotels are very beautiful, well developed and attractive.