GUIDE-X wants to do outfitted fly fishing trips differently — we focus on guests, guides, rivers, and trout for the benefit of all.

Fly fishing guides are getting the short end of the stick. They’re at the mercy of their outfitters: they have no control over when they are selected for hosting a fly fishing trip, the outfitter takes a large total of the percentage of the payout, and they have no opportunity to build their own brand.

Guide-X is focused on breaking this paradigm. We believe in putting guides first. Guides are able to build their own profiles/ creating their own brands, and thus controlling their own destinies. Guests are able to directly book specific guides, encouraging guides to build out their profiles and to focus on the quality of the care of their guests, so as to receive outstanding reviews. Guides are paid promptly on completing a trip and receive $400 per day on a trip, which is much higher than the industry standard (closer to $300 per day).

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Here’s why Guide-X is different:


  • Best in class pay — on time every time
  • Know your guests — build your brand
  • Web based tools — manage your career


  • Active partnership with conservationist organizations
  • Advocacy for sustainable use for all
  • Leave no trace practices


  • Customize your trip — make it yours
  • Book confidently — know what to expect
  • Connect with your guide — get the most out of the day

Trout (#FishFriendly)

  • “Fish Friendly” Catch and Release practices
  • “Fish Friendly” equipment
  • Education for guests and guides

We are fortunate as anglers in Montana to be surrounded by some of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. From the famous tailwaters boasting trophy fish and some of the highest fish per mile counts in the country to our many freestone rivers filled with wild trout, Montana truly is the last best place for a fly fishing trip.

GUIDE-X advocates for the sustainable use of waterways for all; conservation and public access are core to our philosophy. We take the care and wellbeing of the trout we are lucky enough to encounter very seriously. GUIDE-X guides adhere to the #FishFriendly techniques below to ensure all trout are safely returned to the river

If you’re interested in becoming a guide for GUIDE-X, check us out at You’ll need a fishing license, so make sure to pick one up before hitting the water.