I’m so involved in the process that sometimes at the end of a day, I can look at the piece on my desk and really wonder how it got there. At other times, I really have to struggle with a piece to turn it into what I had in mind. Sometimes, I give up and leave it half finished to work on something else. Then in a few days, when I come back to it, I can see what it wants to be… which sometimes is not at all what I had in mind. When I just let that happen, things seem to go more smoothly. 


Funko pop is perfect in every way, the box is perfect in every way, and I could not be happier!

it arrived in absolutely great condition, and I must say I have been bouncing back and forth between whether or not to order her based on the horrible past reviews of this product. I collect Funko POP! figures and I am extremely happy. [فانکوپاپ] This doll is so cute and I’m not sure this affects all.

so either it was a return or an open box, and I got a really good deal, and it’s so cute I don’t want to send it back so I guess everybody will continue to prop it up, lol. You can see in the pic their heads are touching. All my other Funko figures, Walter White and other Breaking Bad characters stand up alone.


Marvel movies simply aren’t to his personal taste and that joker was inspired by different types of movies growing up. 

Marvel comics group started by mag and now be a monster in trade. In my view marvel could understand an emotion or need at human. This need is having a super human in savior format, like savior in different religions. … anyway, … marvel was and is very perfect in creation of a super hero like deadpool, hulk, superman, batman and joker. I read in DaliDel that Disney tookover  marvel. Is it true? Check the best dolls in DaliDel.