A Maine Coon kitten for sale

First, you need to decide if you want a Maine coon kitten to be your pet or to breed with your Maine coon cat. It is not necessary to neuter your Maine Coon kitten if you are only looking to show it or keep him as a pet. This will prevent unwanted kittens from coming into your home and also to stop your Maine coon wandering about, putting your life at risk. If you do not intend to breed your Maine coon, the sex of the kitten does not matter.

A brief note on breeding:

While raising Maine coon kittens is a rewarding experience, there are many disadvantages to consider when buying a kitten. The mature queen may call every three weeks and is not picky about her mating partners. She must be closely monitored and kept away from the tom. Otherwise, unwanted non-pedigree kittens could be the result. A mature stud cat will almost certainly need to live outside. Most cats mark their territory with spraying, which is unacceptable in most homes. A stud cat’s life can be lonely and frustrating, especially if they don’t have enough female cats to love him. Keep in mind that many people breed kittens to help promote the breed and hopefully one day, they will be able to breed the perfect cat. A litter of kittens can bring in very little income, if any, after stud fees, heating bills, vet fees, registration fees, advertisements and the cost of equipment. A show neuter will cost you more than a pet and much more to breed Maine coon kittens. Prices can vary greatly from one breeder to the next, depending on where they are located and how many vaccinations were given.

Once you’ve decided what you want in a Maine coon kitten, it is time to look for a breeder.

Ask lots of questions! You can make a list of questions to be asked before the time runs out so you don’t forget any.

Ask to see the entire litter so you can observe their interactions and play. Do not pick a fragile or quiet kitten because you feel sorry. Choose a playful kitten who interacts well with you and is happy to play. You should make sure your kitten is healthy and clean. A kitten should have a healthy appearance. The eyes must be bright and clear with no discharge. The third eyelid, known as the haw, should not protrude from the inner corner. Ear mites can be detected by the cleanliness of the ears. The coat should be soft and clean, with no black specks at the base or behind the ears. Make sure your teeth and gums look healthy. Also, make sure there is no discharge from the nostrils. Also, look out for yellow staining below the tail. This could indicate that your kitten is suffering from diarrhea. It is safe to bring home the kitten if it passes all these tests. You must agree to the terms of the kitten’s purchase. Some breeders require that the kitten be kept indoors and not de-clawed. You should make sure your kitten feels safe and comfortable at maine coon hawaii.