Some of the best places to locate second-hand kayaks for sale include rental stores. Often these stores will sell off their used kit at a great bargain. Due to the nature of the rental business, it’s necessary that there kayaks are well maintained and are likely to show limited signs of wear and tear.

Also look towards the marine or boat stores to see if demo or display models are going for sale. These kayaks might have just been used for demonstration purposes or just been sitting around in the showroom for too long. And in cases of the older models that are being phased out, the boat store might be eager to offload their surplus kayaking stock.

Going in search for used kayaks as the off season approaches is often a wise decision. Boat stores or rental shops are more inclined to limited the price reductions throughout the peak season as the know that a premium price is still obtainable. But, as fall comes around and the activity on the lakes drops off, it possible at that time to grab a terrific deal on some of their second-hand kayaks.

Its crucial with used or second-hand kit that its in a usable condition. Take a moment to inspect the length of the kayaks hull for signs of damage. Look out for previous repair work, such as the hull being patched. If there’s a chance of that, it might be wise to leave that kayak well alone and more on to the next one. Even so, it can be difficult to spot a repair job if it was completed by a competent boat repairer. Test the working sections, such as the rubber or skeg to be certain they still operate as necessary.