Lemon Drop Martini is perhaps the most renowned Cocktail and is adored across the world. All you want is only a few fixings and off you go with a mixed drink that makes certain to illuminate your faculties and your party too. A Classic beverage, this Lemon Drop Martini goes down well with any environment – party, relaxed supper, night out on the town, and so forth Gracious! Pause, Wait, Wait! For what reason would we say we are discussing Lemon Drop Martini when we needed to showcase what a Lemon Drop Shot is?


Ha! Not a very remarkable distinction. Whenever you serve the Lemon Drop mixed drink in a Shot glass, It is a Lemon Drop Shot.


Details on Lemon Drop Shot here.


This mixed drink has passed a few ages and is as yet administering the bars and gatherings, simply because of its






The tart flavor, some Candy like pleasantness and the by and large Citrusy experience makes this beverage so usually utilized, and a staple beverage overall local gatherings.


There are a lot of comparative beverages and most frequently mistaken for a few different mixed drinks like the Lemon Drop, this shot beverage is best served Cold.




Tart and Candy in taste, Lemon Drop Shot is a group top choice and effectively the most preferred mixed drinks among youths!


Cooking Time: 0 min

Planning Time: 3 min

Course: Drinks

Food: Cocktails

Servings: 1

Calories: 116




1 ounce Vodka

½ ounce Simple Syrup (or) Sugar

½ ounce Fresh Lemon Juice




1. Make an effort glass and coat the edge with Sugar.

2. In a mixed drink shaker, add Vodka, Simple Syrup and Freshly crushed Lemon juice as referenced in the fixings.

3. Add ice 3D squares on the shaker and blend it well.

4. Strain the mixed drink in Shot glasses.

5. Serve and Enjoy the beverage.




Pre-Chilled Vodka is the most ideal for this beverage as chilled Shot is not difficult to consume and weakens the tartiness by a little. Store your Vodka for about a little while in Freezer and take it out not long prior to setting up this beverage.

Lemon Drop Shot is best presented with Clear Vodka. In any case, there are many individuals who lean toward Citrus seasoned Vodka and this adds more tarty taste and citrus flavor to the beverage in general.

Rather than Simple syrup, you can likewise add granulated sugar while blending the mixed drink in the shaker.

Subsequent to pouring the mixed drink onto the shot glass previously rimmed with Sugar, you can likewise decorate it with Lemon cuts. On the other hand, these lemon cuts can be covered with fine sugar powder and afterward embellished over the shot glass.




We referenced the Lemon Drop Martini at the start of this article. This sort of Martini is ready in a Martini glass, however that is about the distinction. Then again, the Cocktail “Lemon Drop” is ready in a Martini glass too yet incorporates ½ ounce Triple Sec also notwithstanding the above fixings.




Lemon Drop – Vodka + Lemon Juice + Simple Syrup + Triple Sec

Lemon Vodka Cocktail – Vodka + Simple Syrup + Lemon Juice + Triple Sec + Soda Water


Nourishing FACTS:


Calories per serving:   116

Protein:                        1.5g

Carbs:                         24g

Fat:                              0.5g


Flavor:             Citrus

Strength:         Medium

ABV:                20% (40 proof)


This yummy and lemony Cocktail is most certainly an absolute necessity to have in your Home Bar set up and effectively the best beverage to begin with in the entirety of your home gatherings and somewhere else.