It is a common phenomenon in the electronic cigarette industry that distributors seek e-cigarette OEM/ODM factory cooperation. As the world’s largest e-cigarette manufacturing center, Shenzhen has a large number of e-cigarette OEM companies, which can provide a complete supply chain for new e-cigarette brands. .

But how to choose and find a reliable and powerful factory is indeed a big problem for the “Xiaobai” dealers who are just entering the industry.

Before that, we must first understand the characteristics of a reliable electronic cigarette manufacturer. The so-called reliability is nothing more than: the resources of both parties can be better matched, the two-way running-in is fast, the response is quick, the cooperation is pleasant, and it is trustworthy and entrusted.

Unreliable electronic cigarette foundries have difficulty in controlling product quality, poor product experience, and potential safety hazards. The factory comes with a “landmine” constitution, which cannot be delivered on time by the delivery date, and there are even many uncertain factors. As a result, the product was complained by consumers in the market, and it was very tiring to cooperate.

Therefore, when doing business, you still need to keep your eyes open and choose carefully, and find a reliable partner.

Although Shenzhen “stationed” more than 600 electronic cigarette factories, contributing 90% of the world’s production capacity. However, behind the huge production capacity is the current situation of uneven and savage growth of electronic cigarette foundries.

So, how can we find a reliable electronic cigarette factory to cooperate with? I have summarized the following principles for reference: How to find a custom manufacturer of vapes?

#1: Choose an e-cigarette factory with a longer OEM period to establish and operate for a longer period of time. What I am talking about here is that the OEM processing time is long, and the minimum standard I think is more than 8 years.

Electronic cigarette OEM is a link that pays more attention to scientific research and technology, and a company does not have time to settle

Electronic cigarette foundries have insufficient experience in the industry, and there will be various imperfections, which will also be the fuse for the unsmooth cooperation in the future. A foundry that has not passed the baptism of time is difficult to guarantee in terms of production capacity, customer service capabilities and various cooperation guarantee systems. There is no intention to criticize those young electronic cigarette factory peers here, and it is not absolute, but as far as the entire industry is concerned, the general situation is true.

#2: Look at the size of the factory Production scale is an important criterion for measuring the production strength of electronic cigarette OEM factories. The larger the production scale, the stronger the strength of the manufacturer, the stronger the ability of production and processing, and the more assured it is to cooperate with it. Secondly, large factories master the core technology of electronic cigarettes and have production lines with guaranteed production capacity, which can provide one-stop OEM/ODM solutions for multiple brands in the market. However, some small factories have incomplete qualifications, and some even do not even have the corresponding qualifications. The products are prone to serious quality and safety hazards such as unsafe ingredients, leakage of e-liquid, and inferior batteries. Therefore, when choosing a cooperating e-cigarette factory, you should apply for a visit to its factory to see the factory’s geographical location, floor area, factory scale, etc., and judge whether it has strength based on these external conditions.

#3: Choose based on product quality and product abundance No matter what the purpose of cooperating with an e-cigarette factory, customers all want to obtain high-quality e-cigarette products, so when choosing an e-cigarette factory, go to the manufacturer. Look at the quality of their products, whether they have a complete quality inspection system, and whether they meet your quality requirements (not only good appearance and texture, but also the e-liquid and atomization equipment used). very reliable quality). If the foundry itself does not pay attention to quality and does not inspect the production process and after production, it will be difficult for you to require such a foundry to do well. Secondly, the market demand for electronic cigarettes is diverse. In addition to ensuring the quality of products, electronic cigarette factories must also be able to provide a variety of product types for customers to choose from. For dealers, it is better to find a variety of electronic cigarette factories to meet the diversified market and customer choices.

#4: Look at the R&D strength of the factory R&D capability is the core competitiveness of electronic cigarette OEM/ODM factories, especially the research and development of electronic cigarettes, which