Now, when you buy jewelry from any Retail Store or buy it online, you wear it for some time and keep it somewhere and forget about it. In simple words, you don’t pay much attention to caring for your jewelry. Here, we will discuss what are the jewelry mistakes you often make, and what steps you must take to improve. 

The craze for Renaissance Fine Jewelry has immensely gained popularity as the choices are fusion with the traditional touch. We often buy jewelry but do not maintain it, and that eventually degrades its appearance value

For your better understanding, we have listed 10 tips that would help you to take care of your jewelry and avoid the jewelry mistakes you were making. But, why does it happen?

It could be due to your busy schedule, bad habits, or just your lack of information to realize.

1. Not aware of the materials for making jewelry

While you go jewelry shopping, you must be aware and clear of the pieces and quality of the material. The most durable metals are silver, gold, and other precious gemstones. 

Avoid using gold plated metals because they do not last for long and also have harsh effects on the skin causing allergic reactions. 

2. Wearing the same jewelry every day

Because of a busy schedule, you might not get time to change your jewelry piece, and you tend to wear the same one, which probably is not a good habit due to a couple of reasons.

Firstly, wearing the same jewelry everyday makes it appear grimey , and it gets unnoticed. In the case of earrings, the hidden part of your ear lobe possibly leads to infections.

Also, you must take out your jewelry pieces weekly to give a warm and soapy wash to them by using soft-bristled brushes. 

If you do not have much jewelry in your collection, then take a gap in between.

3. Lack of creativity in jewelry accessories

Creativity is one of the most interesting aspects that you must follow to reflect your personality. In a year, the season keeps on changing, so for all seasons, you can have seasonal jewelry with you.

You can note what types of jewelry interest you and what jewelry you already have with you. This will help you to reach out and get the desirable jewelry.

4. Are you cleaning your jewelry?

This is something that most people forget to follow, and failing to do this creates a mess.

You have jewelry 24 x 7 on your skin, unlike clothes and make-up, you do not prefer taking them out. But, here as per our recommendation, you must have a schedule to clean your jewelry at least twice a year for the expensive metal jewelry. The gold, platinum, and silver are one wash stars. 

The best season to clean jewelry is the transition period between the warmer and cooler days. You can use warm water and soft soap for this.

5. Choosing the wrong cleaning methods

The better option is not to clean your jewelry using the wrong methods. You must have watched some videos online and started cleaning your jewelry using toothpaste or the alcohol wash. These methods are abrasive and it depletes the metal over time, reducing the jewelry’s value.

Using any harsh chemical creates a problem in the metal finish. You must use simple cleaning methods. 

6. Wearing Jewelry during shower or swimming

If you are planning to go to an adventure park or water park with your friends, you must not wear studs, necklaces, etc because there are chances you might lose your jewelry in the water.

The best plan is to avoid that risk and go in without earrings. 

If you prefer wearing the gemstones or expensive metal jewelry during the shower, the jewelry might get gummed up from the residual of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners over time. 

In particular, pearls and opals get wet and deteriorate the values.

7. Storing the Jewelry Improperly

You get the box to keep the jewelry in the right place but you forget to do that. 

The best place to store jewelry is in a dry place because moisture can harm it.

The best option, you can do is to keep the jewelry in a box filled with dry face powder. It will keep the moisture away and improvise the shine on the metal.

8. Not keeping jewelry clasp after use

It happens with most of the ladies that they forgot to keep their necklace clasp and to avoid detangling. Also, keeping the studs back properly to avoid getting them misplaced.

You can use tubes to keep necklaces and cushions to keep the studs or earrings. 

9. Not following the Jewelry Ethics

You must go behind the reason that is the significance of the jewelry. Here is a list of questions that you must ask before buying jewelry. 

Are the jewelry made of genuine stones or metals

How durable is the jewelry?

Can it be used for heirloom purposes?

Is the seller trustworthy?

10. Buying Jewelry from Cheap Stores

You tend to find budget-friendly places. There are two types of jewelry stores. The first is the traditional jewelry store, and the other one is the western jewelry store. Both have valuable designs and trends.

Prefer going to the best jewelry store where you can get a guarantee on the jewelry you buy. 


We hope these 10 tips are helpful for you and will give you a cakewalk on your jewelry storing journey.