In recent years the trend of hiring a nanny or babysitters has gained huge popularity across the world with the increasing of working parents. You will agree that last one decade has witnessed hike in the prices of all commodities throughout the world at a jet dynamic speed that until unless both the parents do not work it is difficult to satisfy varied needs of all family members at the same time. Going through this requirement both the mother and father have to go out for work. But what about the security of their children during their absence, especially in the situation when the children are newbie in the nanny canada world?

In that scenario, they cannot leave their infant alone at home until unless they do not have someone to look after him while they are away from the home. To get rid of this problem, they look for some person who can take care of their children and look after his different needs according to his requirements. Going this requirement of such families now day’s practice of hiring nanny has become the latest trend and you can find plenty of nanny service providers around you and over the cyber world if you search the availability of nanny services in your nanny services area.

Difference between a nanny and babysitter

But, one thing which interestingly is quite surprising is that despite of huge requirement of nannies by all segments of society, people are still not clear about the concept of nanny service and babysitter. This is mainly because of some common duties performed by both of them. Although both of them take care of your child during your absence, but the major difference between both of them is type of duties offered by them. Where a babysitter provides her services for a few hours of the day or few days of the week, a nanny provides her services throughout the day. Some of the difference between both the babysitter and nanny can be summarized as follows:

1. The services of babysitter are mainly restricted only to the types of services required by the parents including physical care of children to carrying out his regular duties like looking after his bath time, feeding time, sleeping time etc. On the other side a nanny offers bunch of services which along with taking care of child and his needs also include accomplishing various works of home like cooking food, dropping the children to school, making the little one habitual of getting involved with children of same group etc. In simple words a nanny is not less than the member of the family.

2. A person offering the service of babysitter might have substantial experience of working as the babysitter, but as far as professional and academic qualifications are concerned, it is quite possible that she must not be having the requisite qualification to work as a babysitter. On the other side the person acting as nanny will not only be having the necessary professional qualifications, but will have undergone necessary professional training that is helpful in offering complete care to the kids.