So, how much does a wedding DJ cost in Houston?

The Wedding DJ cost in Houston is different than the rest of the US. Each city has an average that most people expect to pay. Smaller cities are usually lower in price than bigger cities. I am based in Houston, Texas, which is one of the biggest cities in the United States.

The Carriage House

You’re reading this article because, you either just got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! Or you waited a little bit longer to search for your wedding DJ. Perhaps you waited to pick out your venue and dress first. You want to know how much does a Wedding DJ cost.

Wedding DJ costs vary greatly for many reasons. The DJs you interview will vary in inexperience. Some Just started. Other DJs have many, many years of experience. Chose the best DJ that fits both your budget and your personality.

The National average cost of wedding DJ around the United States is $1,000 based on WeddingWire. However, the Houston TX, wedding DJ average cost is closer to $800.

The Price range in Houston is anywhere from $450 to $3,500 for your DJ service. However, that does not include any extras.

What is The Wedding DJ Cost Per Hour?

The cost per hour of an experienced Wedding DJ is approximately $200, per hour with a minimum of 4 hours on a Prime Day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).  Most weddings nowadays are anywhere from 4 to 7 hours in length. Yes, that’s right, weddings are getting longer and longer. Especially our Latino and Hispanic weddings. We LOVE to Party!

What is included in that cost?

For the price, you should only expect to get a Basic DJ setup. This consists of Two speakers, Music, A Microphone, and the DJ himself. In addition, you want to inquiry about all the extras.

If you have a ceremony at the venue, but in a different room or even outside. Make sure you ask if that is included in the price. If more equipment is required, you should expect to pay an additional fee. For that, I can only estimate anywhere from $100 to $400. Make sure it at least comes with an additional speaker, an additional microphone, and an additional source for music.