There are lots of cases when we cannot leave our house unattended due to lack in appropriate security measures. Crime is scattering like fire and more people are getting exposed to commit crimes. No one is certain of their security. Intruders can arrive and assault anybody right at home. So why still wait for your turn? It is time for you to act now. Security guards take actions and respond to the dangerous circumstances. Likewise, home alarm security system also responds to any variety of danger to homeowners. With a monitored house alarm system installed, your security home benefits are fold up. You stop burglars from stealing, breaking-in or damaging your property and harming your family and you also sustain your capability to stay your home being protected. Nowadays, a house alarm which is preferably managed by a home security system is indeed needed to assure your safety at home. Installing a house alarm system does not only benefits to increase safety of your property and family but also lessen your home insurance costs. In this whole article, I will go further to highlights several house alarm system devices and their certain features available that can turn out your home a safer place.

I will highlight several lists of house alarm system and the available features for your security needs. One of these available features is the circuits’ alarm which is considered very effective for safeguarding the outside of your home but it does not work well inside the house because an action of intruder is extremely unpredictable. You can’t distinguish where they will go or what they will move. A particular trigger is not that effective to detect any burglar that already intrudes in your house; you must have a motion detector. Necessary motion detectors are quite common nowadays. You can observe them at any automatic doors that have several different kinds of detectors. On the other hand, standard master control panel is very important to some home alarm system. The system of the central hub and the control panel will particularly wall build-up in a simply accessible location. The control panel pick-up information from several other motion sensors and keypads to transmits appropriate information to the company monitoring system. A house alarm system alone cannot warn the fire department or police in the occasion of an emergency. The absolute security systems consist of buttons to alert fire departments, police departments and medical assistance instantly. Some home alarm system also takes in supplementary system like remotes and key fobs to manipulate the systems at any distance. And also a talking devices system assists you to know the condition of your home and the monitoring system. The talking device feature may not effect in skillful conversation but it will facilitate you to be aware of your security system better.

Installation and monitoring improve not only to the safety level but also to the convenience of maintaining your home safe. A complete feature of house alarm system will assist you instantly to any bad incident happened in your home. There is another benefits presented by some monitoring companies which is the full service installation, system repair and live customer support by the licensed and background checked employees to assure safety. Finally, several companies still offer replacement services to remain secure even if you move out.

Alarm, theft alarm, alarm system, gsm alarm, private alarm, wifi alarm, smart home alarm, alarm without subscription – what is the difference?
Confused? We can well understand that. There are many names for an alarm system based on what the system can do. Fortunately, all the products on this page cover the above names, and you can therefore safely buy one of our solutions – and be at the forefront of the quality of your safety.

For all our solutions you can buy camera surveillance . With a wifi camera you will always be able to keep a watchful eye on your home – even when you are far away from home. You can access your camera surveillance via our user-friendly App that works for all Android and iOS systems. Our camcorders can also work with the rest of the security systems, so that if you get an alarm, they turn on automatically and record the thieves directly.

Remember your neighbor! All security systems are best if there is a quick response with people close by. All our solutions offer neighbor help – ie that your selected neighbors / family members etc. can be called up if the system detects thieves.

Avoid theft with alarm system alarmsystem
Burglars do not bother with security systems, and often bypass protected houses. Therefore, an alarm is an invaluable source of security in the home on an equal footing with smoke and gas alarms. With a system from us, you significantly reduce the risk of burglary, as thieves prefer homes without alarm systems. See our selection of burglar alarms without subscriptions here and here .

Alarm without subscription
What is the difference between alarms with and without a subscription? There is a marked difference between which solutions you choose. If you choose an alarm without a subscription, you own the system yourself, and you avoid expensive subscriptions every single month for all the time you have it. In addition to protecting your home, our alarms can be connected to 100s of smart home sensors that make your home more intelligent. You therefore get an incredibly advanced product for the money.
With us, you pay a low price for the burglar alarm once, and then you own the system in the future. A typical solution with a subscription costs around 500 kroner per. per month with the large companies, where there may also be fees in relation to error messages, visits by guards and even dismantling the product! You can therefore save a lot of money.

When you buy an alarm without a subscription from us, you own the system and must install the product in your home. And can you see that? You can easily do that. Our alarms are incredibly easy to install yourself – you do not need to have any prior knowledge of engineering or craftsmanship. When we send the alarm to you, we have already installed all the accessories for your alarm – and you just have to set it up in the house as you wish. With us, there is therefore minimal work that you have to do yourself, and should you have any questions for setup, we are always ready in the customer support to get you completely in house with the installation.

Danish champions in video surveillance
At we want to secure your home as much as possible. Therefore, you need to carefully consider whether or not to purchase video surveillance. Today, surveillance equipment has become so advanced and inexpensive that for a few hundred kroner you can buy cameras with night vision, motion detector and recording function. These features allow you to quickly see what’s happening via your camera on your phone – without costing you expensive monthly subscriptions! You can therefore quickly get an overview of the situation at home, if you should receive an alarm call, and assess whether there is a thief inside the house. See our range of video surveillance and make your home safer.