Children that have a love of learning at an early age are going to be enriched by the experience. Take them with you to the library and to the bookstore so they can experience the thrill of all the books that are available to them. However, there are some things you need to do in order to help them get ready for the experience.

You don’t want them to leave the library or the bookstore upset because they didn’t get the specific book that they wanted. Talk to them about reading level information so that they understand what groups of books are right for them. You don’t want them reading below level or it doesn’t help their mind to develop and grow.

By the same token though, you don’t want them reading materials that are too hard for them or they will struggle. Reading will then become intimidating for them and you don’t want that. Of course if they really want an advanced book, compromise by telling them you will read it to them.

Children that are school aged should know their reading level. They should be tested at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. Their reading level will change over time. If you aren’t sure where your child’s reading level is, talk to the teacher to get that information.

Most libraries are designed for reading levels with children’s books. First, start out with your child’s school library. They can help you find the right sections where those books are located. They often have a numbering system or a color coding system that allows children to easily find books for a given reading level.

Your local library may have something similar in place, so ask about it. Many of them try to work with the school programs to streamline the set up. They also do this to make it easier for children to get the right materials at their reading level during the summer reading programs.

You may have a tougher time at a bookstore finding the age levels of books. However, you can ask those working there to help you out. If you know specific books you are looking for, you can even do some online research before you go. This will enable you to get the information you need and determine if the reading level is right for your child.

If all else fails, open up the book and have your child read some of it to you before you buy the book or check it out. If it seems that they will do just fine with it, allow them to get the book. The smile that picking out books puts on a child’s face is amazing. You will also find that they are more likely to pick up a book and read it if they played a role in selecting it.

Some parents worry about what their children read, but the experts say as long as it is on level, it is fine. If you have a child that would rather read comic books than a novel, allow them to do so. They will still be reading and they will be able to enjoy various stories along the way that appeal to them.

There are numerous children’s books available out there in the market and is perhaps one of the most popular categories now with the publishers. You can easily find a suitable book for your child. Make them select what they want and you be of assistance rather than making them read what you want them to read. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have any parental guidance!