The majority of the smoking population, when asked about quitting will say “Yes I want to stop my habit but I need help to quit smoking”. This maybe true, any one who has developed smoking habit may find it very difficult to stop and suddenly change the way they are living their lives.

Smoking is said to be one of the major cause of lung diseases such as lung cancer, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. Cigarettes contain chemicals that weaken our lungs and make us more susceptible to illness.

If you are a cigarette smoker, you have to be aware that you are not the only one at risk for having such diseases. Your wife, children, friends, colleagues, parents and other people around you are much more in danger than you are.

Twenty five percent of the smoke mains inside your body while the other 75 % goes out in to the environment and is being inhaled by the people around you. With this in mind, do still want to continue smoking cigarettes and putting your loved ones’ lives at risk? Or are you brave enough to quit and live a e Zigarette free life?
Some adults who have successfully stopped smoking said that quitting is never easy. Some of them confessed that the first attempt to get rid of this habit is usually not successful because they do not know what to do.

And so they have to seek help to quit smoking.There are ways to get your self motivated to quit. Here are some tips that can help you achieve a cigarette free life:

  • Have self discipline.
  • Plan your actions well. Set goals that are realistic.
  • Write down the reason/s for quitting.
  • If needed, seek professional help for guidance on how to properly get rid of your smoking habit.
  • Try new things like – quit smoking hypnotherapy.
  • Gradually lessen the number of cigarette smoked in a day until you finally stop.
  • Join a support group for smokers. This is created to provide moral help to quit smoking.
  • Divert your attention to other forms of activities (e.g. exercise, reading and shopping) that can lessen stress. Stress is considered the first cause of smoking.
  • List down factors that trigger your craving for cigarette so that you can avoid them.
  • Drink lots of water. Avoid caffeine rich foods.

Quitting is never easy unless you are dedicated and disciplined. Smoking is a habit. Habits are just but things that are learned, thus, it can be unlearned and can be taken out from your system.

Real and lasting change always starts with you. There are people and organizations that are willing to lend you help to quit smoking. Today is never too late to start. Think again, are you brave enough to quit and live a happy smoke free life or do you want to continue putting not just your life in danger but those of your loved ones as well? The decision is yours.

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