Graduate engineering jobs are entry level engineering jobs. Fresh engineering graduates are usually tasked with such jobs as it helps them prepare for the upcoming challenges in future Recruitment agency Lithuania years. In the UK there is a high demand for engineer graduates as there is huge vacancy in this sector. According to EngineeringUK during the period of 2010-2020 there will be 1.86 million vacancies for engineering jobs and out of these 87,000 jobs every year will require people with engineering degrees. Currently UK produces only 46000 engineering graduates every year. So it can be safely said that there is a huge potential for engineering graduate jobs in the Recruitment Lithuania.

Engineering jobs are always in high demand and in almost every discipline like IT, mechanical, civil, chemical, and structural and others. However, young engineering graduates should keep in mind that all graduate engineering jobs are entry level jobs and that they are still not certified engineers so they cannot pursue independent engineering work. These entry level jobs prepare young graduates and help them get the required amount of experience they need.

Most entry level graduate engineering jobs are related to testing and data gathering tasks. Graduates are given the task of gathering data and categorizing it. Product design testing and development is also at times given to young engineering graduates. Young engineering graduates work under the supervision of superiors and report to them directly. Although they are tasked with collecting data however, their feedback is usually not asked independently. The data collected is analyzed by other departments, only the reporting is done by graduates.

Graduate engineering jobs are like a stepping stone for someone willing to have a career in engineering. The small tasks, reporting and the different activities that are entrusted to graduates pave the way for future developments. Furthermore, these jobs give a graduate engineer the practical exposure he/she needs to develop. Once graduates obtain an engineering license they can start working on their own and take up independent contractor positions.

Graduate engineering jobs are lucrative as they offer good remuneration but when it comes to finding one most engineering graduates can’t find one. There are several ways to get engineering jobs; the best is to consult with a recruitment agency specializing in engineering jobs. There are several reputed UK recruitment agencies that can help graduates find their first engineering job. Engineering graduates only have to submit their CV with a cover letter to the recruitment agency and they can expect to get calls from companies. The service is chargeable so expect to pay some fees.