Business sectors such as transportation, sales, agriculture, and field services come with complex management needing GPS tracking software. Why? Because without fleet management software or field employee management software, asset handling becomes impossible. And these businesses need impeccable asset management to gain decent profits. 

Be it a team of field executives selling insurance, or trucks carrying consignment, GPS tracking systems redefine business profits. Want to know how? Read on to know more! 

Fleet Management Software Systems 

It doesn’t matter how many vehicles you have to track in your fleet. If your vehicles are running, a truck tracking system will help you get the most out of your fleet. With live tracking and other benefits of GPS tracking software such as TrackoBit, you can increase your business profitability. 

  • Real-time monitoring: Gone are the days when you need to be wondering where your vehicles are. With GPS tracking software, you are always connected with your fleet and can see all the geospatial information you need. Moreover, real-time locational information also makes other fleet-centric profitability tools come to life. 

  • Consignment safety: When you know where your vehicles are in real-time, you can feel more secure about their safety. Moreover, features such as immobility, parking mode, battery safety, and SOS alarms allow your consignment to be safer, or recovery to be simpler.

  • Route management: With advanced GPS tracking systems, you can set the best route for your vehicles that will be the least time- and money-consuming. Reducing operational costs definitely increases the profitability of a business, right?

  • Fuel management: Fuel is one of the biggest expenses in a fleet and using fleet management software can help reduce that expense. With route optimization, fuel theft alerts, and fuel average reports, fuel wastage can go significantly down in your fleet. 

  • Optimized maintenance: Advanced telematics software can detect when vehicles need maintenance. You’ll get reports and alerts accordingly. After all, the healthier the vehicles, the more efficient the operations, right? 

  • Driver Monitoring: With locational and telematics data, you can if drivers are idling or what speed they are running. You can also detect risky and inefficient driver behavior to save your fleet from expensive damage and repair later. 

Field Employee Management Software Systems 

Managing executives in the field is not easy. After all, you’ll need a written record of each executive’s productivity and location, right? Here are a few things that workforce management systems such as TrackoField can do to improve your business profitability. 

  • Employee Tracking: This is the same as a fleet, if you know where your field executives are, you can be a bit more assured of the way your organization is functioning. Moreover, you can track the time executives have spent on each site to determine whether or not they’ve actually executed a task. 

  • Fool-proof attendance: You can link tasks and attendance so that executives can only mark attendance when they are at the task site. Moreover, good systems allow you to see the executive’s geocoded attendance verification picture and executives’ devices’ battery and network status for better supervision. 

  • Productivity reports: Through employee tracking software, you can get a historical record of executives’ performance efficiency. You can track the outcomes of their actions’ implementation. Through the information collected in software, you can get check each executive’s performance and contribution to your team. 

GPS Tracking Systems Go Deeper 

Yes, GPS tracking systems are generally used in the form of fleet management software and employee tracking software. However, you can also use these powerful tools to track and analyze productivity on a farm, in a hospital, and much more. 

GPS tracking software and telematics systems have and will continue to build stronger field operations and better profits for companies!