As already mentioned at the beginning, GPS technology is particularly suitable for creating movement profiles. In theory, this makes work considerably easier for the detective, since he only has to attach a GPS receiver to a target person’s car in order to be constantly informed about their whereabouts. In practice, however, this represents a considerable encroachment on the personal rights of this person and can therefore not be implemented in this way.

A location using GPS devices is therefore only possible if the person concerned is also aware of this fact. It is therefore also not possible to have your own car equipped with a GPS device in order to track the movements of your spouse. The use of GPS technology on the vehicle would be possible, for example, if the client is also the owner and only driver of the car. The GPS technology can be used effectively as protection against theft, as the transmitter can be located at any time without any problems. This procedure is also used by companies to secure goods of all kinds.

Observation without GPS tracking with Detektei Hans

Due to the vague legal situation, we have decided to largely forego the use of GPS tracking for observation purposes. However, this does not mean that we do not provide our clients with the best possible care for their cases. Our specialist detectives with many years of professional experience work with the highest efficiency even without this technology and of course always discreetly in the background and within the legal framework.