Unlike other sports accessories and equipment, martial arts require a vast domain of weaponry. The horizon of martial art weapon ranges from harmless fighting fans to lethal weapons such as daggers, swords, knives, nunchucks and many kids martial arts classes more. The martial art weapons are used in the training arena under the supervision of trained experts. However, it is also crucial to realize that the mastery of these weapons turns out to be an essential part of the development as a martial artist. These potentially life-threatening martial art weapon require highly skilled handling as well as manufacturing and thus, the market for the martial art weapon is gaining exceptional global martial arts for kids attention.

With the increasing availability of advanced martial art weapon and rising government efforts to promote the sports, participation in martial arts across the world has increased significantly over the past few years. The martial art weapon market is likely to witness robust growth owing to the booming popularity of the sport as a recreational activity. Furthermore, rising participation of women in the international competitions such as Olympic events is likely to create lucrative growth opportunities for martial art weapon market in near future.

With its roots in ancient Asian culture, martial arts that are practiced today are more or less an athletic competition, exercise, meditation or self-defence. Martial arts have long been consolidated to particular geographical patches but are now emerging as a global sport. This has provided ample opportunities for various small and big players and the companies engaged in the design, manufacture, sales, and marketing of these martial art weapons to successfully capitalize on the opportunity.

Global Martial Art Weapon Market: Dynamics

There are around 160 types of martial arts currently existing, and more than 80% of them require martial art weapon in practice. Nevertheless, martial arts are also being promoted by the government for self-defence awareness, particularly among women.

Alternate factors driving the martial art weapon market is the increased fitness and health awareness amongst the vast majority of working population. Thus, manufacturers of martial art weapons are becoming more concerned regarding the quality of martial art weapon and other gears and equipment.

As most individuals are indulging in martial arts as a recreational hobby or a modern sport for fitness, media also has an impact on the increasing participation in martial arts around the world. Various films, as well as TV shows, have contributed majorly in boosting the profile of martial arts, which is reflecting in a significant spike in inquiries at various martial arts training centres and academies around the globe.

Social media and films with the base of martial arts are also making a significant impact on the youth memberships at several martial arts academies across countries. The rising number of millennials participating in martial arts due to the influence of media including books, TV shows, and films, is boosting the demand for martial art weapon.