When buying a new piece of hardware for a computer, such as a new monitor like the Samsung 2033SW wide-screen monitor, it is easy to fall into the trap of “More Expensive is Better”. But that is not always the case. There are many components for a computer that you can buy that are simply over-priced and not worth the extra price monitoring money.

How to you know when a monitor is worth the price

Monitors fall well within the category of overpriced because of the size variations. Yes, a 19 inch monitor will cost most than a 15 inch one, but that does not always mean that the device is worth spending the money dynamic pricing on.

The size is actually something that should be second or third on the list of considerations, when looking to upgrade. Often overlooked with new purchases are the connection types.

How does your computer connect to your current monitor?

Being sure that your computer can connect to the monitor, AND have the highest quality connection is something that is not considered by a lot of consumers. There is nothing as frustrating as trying to connect your old, dated VGA cable to a new, high-tech HDMI or DVI connection sockets in the back. Yes, the new hardware usually comes with various adapters to ensure that you can connect your current video card to you new monitor, however this is usually at the expense of speed. There is little point in spending $500 on a brand new, 32″ monitor if it communicates at the same speed as the older one. While the quality of signal may not be degraded (depending on how old the video card is), the speed by which the computer communicates with the computer is a consideration. The easiest place to see this handicap can be in today’s next generation video games.