Theis celebrated by over a billion people throughout the world, and it is the annual festival for Diwali. This Hindu tradition is often considered the start of each new year. In India, there are many different festivals that celebrate various aspects of life. These include Holi, Diwali (spring festival), Dussehra (a day to worship Lord Krishna), Deepavali (the harvest)

Diwali, translated, means ‘rows of lighted lamps.’ It comes with various legends attached to it. Some people believe that this day celebrates King Rama’s return. He was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His wife, Queen Sita, accompanies him to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The residents celebrated his return by lighting clay lamps and putting them in rows. This day also marks the beginning of the month of Tandoori. There is also a day when the people of this city light their lamps in a similar manner. When the sun sets

The Festival of Lights celebration lasts five days. Usually, paper lanterns or clay lamps are lit, as well as firecrackers and candles. This signifies that light broke the darkness and good prevailed over evil. It’s similar to the December holiday meaning for Christmas. This is where Jesus Christ was born. He was meant to be the messiah for the entire world and came to earth in human form to teach the Christian ways.