Bangles and Bracelets are the first choices of every woman and have gained extreme popularity over the years. The Bracelet meaning derives from the Greek word called, “brachile” which means “of the arm”. The history of the bangle jewelry is magnificent as the women in early time started wearing it and named it brace-lets.

If you go back and find the trace of the bangles, we would encounter the era of 2500 BC in Southern Mesopotamia. Also, Probably during the Victorian Times, these were sometimes given by the to-be-husband to the bride. 

Every place has a different story of Bangles and Bracelets, and during the European times, nearly 30,000 years ago, they were made of ivory. Usually, the meaning of bangles and bracelets is considered similar, but the hidden fact is different. 

1. Difference between a bangle and a bracelet

Although both bangles and bracelets are worn on the wrist, they are significantly different. The Bangles come in round shapes according to the size of the wrist, and the bracelets are flexible, delicate, and commonly are made of linked components joining with each other. 

After knowing the history, Let us dive down on some facts about the Bangles and Bracelet that you must have never heard before. 

2. The Never-Ending Symbol

Formerly, the shape of the bracelet and bangles are somehow similar that indicates the never-ending symbol. In every culture, wedding relationships are exceptional, and mostly, after marriage, the woman starts wearing bangles and bracelets to adorn her wrist every time.

The bangles are a beautiful expression of a love bond, and even these are the perfect gift options for completing anniversary milestones. 

3. Versatile Trend

With the trend of jewelry fashion, people want to follow the versatile feature of buying a single piece of jewelry and use it further for every occasion or function. These bangles and bracelets fit with any attire to give an embellished look.  

4. Benefits of Precious Metal

Pure metals like gold, silver, and platinum are precious and have high healing properties. The Gold metal has a balancing, harmonizing effect in the body, and improves blood circulation throughout, and because of that people advise wearing gold jewelry always. 

The sound of multiple bangles creates a positive vibration that helps to take the negative feelings out of mind, body, and spirit. 

5. Royal Decoration

During the Renaissance period, Bracelets and bangles became royal decorations and became a symbol of wealth. Mostly, when the shortened sleeve dress appears then, the bracelets come up in highlight, and on various occasions, it becomes a piece of familiar jewelry to wear.

6. Elegant piece

Bracelets and Bangles come in various designs and forms. These options are personalized, dangling, carved using wood, or the bangle bracelet combination, etc. But, one at a time, we have to understand that the most exquisite and elegant is the sleek designed, shimmer diamond arranged bracelet that catches the eye. Moreover, the designs are bifurcated in the spiral shape and the rounded ones.

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