Depression is one of the most crucial states that can make anyone breakdown in
pieces no matter how strong they are. Being depressed can break you down into
much smaller pieces, pieces which look almost impossible to be brought back
together. Depression harm you physically, mentally and emotionally too, a person
going through all these conditions all together just lose their hope of standing back
again. We all try our best to help such person but nothing ever works out. No
positive environment, no proper diet or proper routine helps out because what they
are feeling is deep inside them, it is so deep that nothing works out for them.
Depression is mainly related to our subconscious mind, a mind on which we have no
control. All we need to give that person is a piece of mind, this piece of mind is
related to positive environment and all other aspects we can think of but at the same
time it is related to the neurological system and chemicals present in it, so what can
we do to stabilize that neurological system. If the cause in itself is related to
chemicals so don’t you think chemicals are the direct answer.
Any direct consumption of chemicals can lead to higher damage to our body and
brain so a neutralized form is presented to us by FDA, they are known as pills or
medication if we say more specifically anti-depressant pills. These pills balance the
chemical level present in our neurological system and help a person to get over their
miserable condition. Remember one thing you can’t rely on these pills completely.
Try to think it like this, if you are taking pills properly in a proper amount and
balanced amount but at the same time you are all surrounded by people who can say

bad or think negative, would you be able to recover. The answer is obviously no,
there has been a situation when a person under depression is taking his/her pills
properly and with time they started showing progress but there is no one to look
after them or talk to them and all they can see is negativity or we can say all they
can feel is negativity. If we look at the summary it simply means that these pills will
help you to get up but you and your surrounding is the only thing that can hold you
still till the time you are in your state of wobble.
Try to do all the things which are usually recommended for a good environment
because a healthy person, who is not going through any neurological issue can end
up miserable only because of an unhealthy environment with negative people in it.
Before going under any medication you should concern your doctor because there
have been various conditions in which a person who is not facing depression feels
like he/she is going through it because of symptoms. There have been various
situations in which a person is not going through depression but feels like they are
because of similar symptoms. There are other neurological disorders who do carry
some of the similar symptoms but they do not need the anti-depressant pills because

the reaction can adverse. Conditions like anxiety, panic attack carry some of the
similar symptoms but both these conditions vary from each other.
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are looking for an anti-depressant, anxiety or panic attack you should go for a
proper medication because all these conditions are related to our neurological
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