The cannabis vaporizer manufacturing industry’s reputation has long been tainted by the emergence of inferior products and counterfeits which lowered the quality and safety of vaporizers in the market. As Cilicon becomes aware of this situation, our founders intuitively develop an ultimate solution to set a triumphant path for all of our potential business partners. Cilicon is committed only to delivering quintessential and innovative cannabis vaporizers embedded with top-notch technologies and product safety assurance that will differentiate your products from your competitors. We also have fabricated a partnership plan that focuses on providing a more reliable product line and comprehensive service support that will help you thrive as a leading cannabis vaporizer brand.


Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced business player, Cilicon aims to work jointly with you who desire to go above and beyond. Our years of expertise in the cannabis vaporizer manufacturing industry let us grasp the wisdom toward an authentic vaporizing technology that will promote a positive market environment and help you be top of mind. Cilicon wraps these impressive offerings into our multi-tiered partnership programs that will fit any business demands.


Pave Your Way into The Land of Opportunities


Cilicon is your one-stop manufacturing partner that possesses a refined supply chain system and wide selection of products to help you seamlessly kick off your journey in the cannabis vaporizer industry. As PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Application) policy authorized by the FDA limits nicotine product distribution, it has successfully turned into momentum for the cannabis vaporizer industry to shine. This new policy mandates all nicotine products to pass an ingredient testing phase, ensuring they are free of harmful substances that may risk public health. Despite adhering to similar regulations, the cannabis vaporizer industry is considered an unorthodox alternative with untapped potential for those nicotine product companies encumbered by the stricter protocol. To land this newfound opportunity, a business owner needs to join hands with an equitable manufacturing partner.


Cilicon’s 12-year experience in the cannabis vaporizer manufacturing industry fashions us into a reliable business partner with abundant knowledge regarding cannabis vaporizers, including insider tips like how you don’t need to own a special permit to sell cannabis vape devices. Aside from this industry regulation proficiency, Cilicon also presents you with a wide variety of cannabis vaporizers to fulfill every demand for diverse cannabis forms. We even expand our wings to let you customize your brand’s exclusive cannabis vape device to cater to unique needs by incorporating our patented technologies. Our service does not only stop with producing a sterling cannabis vaporizer for you but also provides sufficient materials and professional training to help you secure your position in the market.  

Gain Competitive Advantages in The Industry


Cilicon’s years of manufacturing experiences and sophisticated technology development have proven us worthy as your end-to-end solution to jump into the cannabis vaporizer industry effortlessly. Cilicon fully acknowledges the increasing tension in the market that makes it inevitable for business owners to prioritize sourcing superior quality elements and expand more business lines to construct better vaporizer devices and enhance their business opportunity based on what they’ve been doing currently. Upon this realization, we go beyond our boundaries for you by providing you a competitive advantage through our effective supply chain systems, diversified cannabis vaporizer product line, and outstanding after-sales technical support. We ultimately aim to help you escalate your profit by boosting your professionality and diversity and exponentially increasing your product values through perpetual production process optimizations and our strong background.  


Cilicon’s Profitable Partnerships Program


Cilicon is your trustworthy cannabis vaporizer manufacturing partner with a $250 million revenue per year, over 700 patented technologies, and more than 100 vaporizing products distributed to 35 countries on multiple continents. We also have been crowned one of the three leading companies capable of producing our personalized ceramic heating core. Aside from Cilicon’s financial and product technology achievements, our prolonged experiences in the industry ensure you a smooth delivery system to significantly reduce the risk of cargo detention that will adversely tamper with your inventory turnover rate. Additionally, we also have 3 platforms for you to construct customized cases for your cannabis vaporizer, along with the 3000 successful creations delivered to our customer’s doorsteps. Cilicon is forever committed to supporting you with our fully customizable services, regardless of your order quantity, and expanding it further with impeccable after-sales service and technical support.


Cilicon’s Partner Program is a multi-tiered program benefiting any potential partners who desire to be a profound expert, achieve burgeoning revenues, reach new target audiences, and seamlessly penetrate the current market in the cannabis vaporizer industry. This program’s primary objective is to inspire and nurture the next generation of cannabis vaporizer market. We plan to actualize this vision by offering our technical proficiency, exceptional customer support, and a brilliant team that ceaselessly fine-tuned every process to establish an unrivaled partnership experience. Cilicon is ready to become the manufacturing partner to assist your journey into greatness.

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CILICON born with one dream, to improve everyday lives through vaporization technology, with innovation, enthusiasm, and compassion. We tired of inferior product drives out a high-quality product and mess with the market. Therefore, CILICON founded without compromise on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Innovation is in our blood, CILICON derives a game-changing CILICON DESIGNED platform to generate diverse cannabis vaporizer options available for increasing customer brand competitiveness from the crowd. For CILICON, Your Brand Success is Our priority, Your Customer Satisfaction Matters!


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