Have a pet is always nice. Is it correct?


Actually when it comes to our busy life schedule havving pet is must according to my point of view. But with the limited time you have is it possible to have a pet? Most of you answer as as No.


Correct actually we dont have much time to this. But when we compare all the possible pets that we can have. Maintaining a aquirum is the easyest thing. Because most of the time we can ee our fish once a day. First of all we must think about  ” What to consider before adopting a fish as a pet“. Then what is the best suitable fish.



If you are a very busy man the best fish you need to consider is Betta fish.


The betta fish


The Sea Is Full Of Beautiful Creatures. It Has Crabs, Eels, Octopuses And All Other Kinds Of Gorgeous Species In It. Among These, Fish Are Considered The Most Beautiful And Colorful Ones. Betta Fish Is Considered The Most Beautiful Among These. They Are Also Known As The Siamese Fighting Fish Because The Males In Particular Are Prone To High Levels Of Aggression And Will Attack Each Other If Kept In The Same Tank. Betta Is Listed As Vulnerable Species By The IUCN. On 5 February 2019, Thailand’s Council Of Ministers Confirmed “Betta Fish” As Thailand’s National Aquatic Animal.

I wouldn’t recommend changing the filter cartridge so often, since that’s where all the beneficial bacteria live. By replacing it with a brand new one one a month, that kills the bacteria that breaks down fish excretions. If you feel that your cartridge looks gross, take some of the water from your fish tank and put it in a separate bowl. Then you can just swish the cartridge around, getting things like plant debris, substrate dust, and other stuff off without killing the clean up crew.

Dont buy bettas from big change pet stores ( you probably know which two I’m talking about) you can buy them from local pet stores or online, I always get mine from coast gem USA their bettas are really pretty and the price it about the same as big chain fish stores plus shipping. Some people mention saving bettas from these stores, yes it may be helping that fish but they are just going to replace it with more, and overall your just supporting them.