Are you wondering where to spend your best nightlife in Dubai that you will definitely enjoy? Nightlife is common to us. This is one of the ways to enjoy our lives while we can. There was a saying that enjoy your life to the fullest while you can. So, one of our ways is to every night.


Pipes Shisha Lounge & Cafe is one of the Cafes here in Dubai where you can enjoy everything, from the foods, drinks, cafe interior design, their board games and mostly their lively music.


The cafe is designed with a spooky and punk atmosphere. That the ages from 18-30 years old will surely love the place. They have amazing arts with their walls that makes them unique and stylish. The cafe has a huge fish tank that adds in the superb surroundings and a Neon color for the lighting perfect to enjoy your night out.


Pipes Shisha Lounge & Cafe has amazing features that you will surely love.


Let’s talk about their awesome board games. Not every cafe here in Dubai has this to offer.

This board game is nice to play with your family, even your friends. This will give you nice bonding with them and enjoy the same time. This way it can make you lighten your mood and can be one of the Best nightlife in Dubai