Sete Cidades is the business card of São Miguel island in the Azores. A Private TourGuided Tour or Sightseeing Excursion are the best options for those looking for a close contact with the culture and landscape. The activities are organized in such a way that all visitors feel a deep connection to the Azorean culture and its traditions.

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There are countless viewpoints and breathtaking landscapes in this place, but this is only part of the story. Sete Cidades is shrouded in mystery, tales and legends that still delight listeners today.

Who has never heard of the tragic story of the princess and the shepherd who colored the two lakes? Or of Princess Euphemia, daughter of King Atlas and granddaughter of the god Jupiter, whom the ancients believe still inhabits the island, embodied in a beautiful orange-fruited solanaceous plant? Or the legend of the island of the seven peoples, the island of the seven tribes, or simply the island of the seven cities, Antília.

If you have never heard of it, it is because you have never truly known and explored this mythical place, which many believe to be the tops of the highest mountains of Atlantis.

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