Ashok Leyland Dost Cng is the most popular Cng truck model in India. This truck has excellent working efficiency and increased fuel mileage. It can carry massive loads from one point to another in the town or city and different nearby places. It is an environmentally friendly truck model due to using Cng as fuel. This mini truck comes from the manufacturer’s home with highly advanced mobility solutions. That’s why it performs excellently. It is perfectly designed and attractive in looks. It can make more money for the customer and is perfectly designed according to the requirements of the customer.

Before we know more about this truck, we should know about the manufacturer company.

About Ashok Leyland Company

Ashok Leyland Company has been serving India with its commercial vehicles since 1948. It makes economical friendly commercial vehicles, and they work according to its tagline, “Apki Jeet,Hamari Jeet”. This company operates under the flagship of the Hinduja group. Its first product designed and launched in January 2014, which gives high performance and excellent working to the customer.


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