DR 3500 is intended to give top execution at a reasonable cost. This picture programming gives excellent pictures and has been generally utilized in Veterinary X Ray Equipment DR and CR frameworks for every symptomatic reason. Our Veterinary X Ray Equipment has an incredible standing on the lookout.

Intended to empower simple tidying up and washing of the room floor on which the framework is introduced. This X beam generator has significant elements including DR Navigator programming, Superior High Frequency with an ongoing checking self-conclusion and blunder code show. Thorough Veterinary X Ray Equipment picture handling by ideal tissue balance, picture honing and splendor control. The wide unique scope of the identifier permits the client to effectively change the brilliance and differentiation of the picture. Eventually, significantly more analytic imaging data can be gotten from the picture.

  • Radiation Protection PPE 
  • While considering lower input power in most veterinary facilities, the x beam generator is intended to yield a higher and reasonable rating at a more drawn out openness time. Requiring just 70 amp 240 VAC makes it conceivable to create fantastic quality pictures for much bigger creatures. It is not difficult to learn and utilize and has a regular picture show inside 10 – 20 seconds.

    With the web far off indicative capacity of the x beam generator and programming, client assistance can be given rapidly and effectively any place the DR 3500 is installed.This specific x beam generator will keep on keeping a high throughput during all of your radiography assessments, engaging stable activity and a drawn out life.